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Rick Lowe RIP

This week we say goodbye to long-time member and friend of the Club Rick Lowe who sadly passed away this week.

Rick joined the Club in 2009 and was a loyal member and supporter for 12 years, one of a just a handful that have supported the Club this long. Rick was Club B-grade Champion three times, in 2012, 2014 and 2017. 

He will be remembered for his fun, sometimes cheeky spirit and his genuine love of the game – and of course for his amazing chess-themed car. He will be missed by all who knew him at the Club.

Ross Jackson v David Scott (28-9-21)

While COVID continued to keep NZ Chess Clubs online during September 2021, this was one game played during one of the Kāpiti Chess Club’s online arenas. Black, using his role as the Club website person, to somewhat indulgently show off a rare win against Ross, albeit under a casual 10+5 online format.

Online ongoing

 The Club continues to meet online due to COVID, with weekly 10m+5m ‘Arenas’ hosted on the Lichess site. (lichess.org/team/kapiti-chess-club). The current increased Alert Levels have also impacted on the Club’s annual Open Junior and School Championship, which has now been deferred to a date TBC later in the year.

Congratulations to Stewart, Ross and Lars who have variously taken out the online Arena ‘gold cups’ over the last four or five weeks. While the shorter online time format does always provide for  high quality games, many can still be entertaining.  Here’s a recent example.

Geoffrey Gunawan v Lars Dobbertin-King (7-9-21)

This is a game from one of the Club’s online meetings while OTB meetings were suspended due to COVID in the second half of 2021. The time format of 10 m + 5 s does not always provide for high quality games, but they can be entertaining none the less. In this game Geoffrey is able to get a good kingside attack going, again from the London, eventually ripping open the Black King’s defenses and ending with a nice mate. 

Geoffrey Gunawan v Stewart Holdaway (20-8-21)

With OTB chess temporarily suspended again due to COVID, this was a game from one of the Club’s online Arenas, played with a 10m + 5s time control. Geoffrey tries out his new version of the the London with 6. f3, and 7. g4 followed by a nice kingside storm. While the advantage alternated between both players several times, as is often the case in this  format, White’s kingside attack prevailed, ending with a nice mate finish.

With the return of increased COVD Alert Levels this week, over-the-board chess was cancelled, and an online meeting was held on Friday. The Kāpiti Chess Club will continue to meet online until COVID Alert Levels return to Level 1. You can join us on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm here: http://lichess.org/team/kapiti-chess-club.

Series 2 – Blitz Cup

This week saw the second of three nights played over the year for the Club’s Blitz Cup. Results from the night saw Gordon Lyall take out first place on 6, followed by David Paul on 5, and Ross Jackson and Guy Burns on 4½. Results and standings here. Combining these results with Series One played back in June, Gordon currently leads on 13½, just a nose ahead of David on 13, followed by Geoffrey on 9½ and Ross on 9. The third and deciding night will be played later in the year in November.

Winter Cup wraps up

The final two rounds of the Winter Cup were played this week. Congratulations to Gordon Lyall who takes out another trophy with 8½ from 10. Second place was David Paul on 8, followed by Geoffrey Gunawan in third with 7. Final results and standings are here.

Next week is a Blitz night. The second of three nights played over the year for the Club’s Blitz Cup. David Paul is currently leading after the first series played in June. He is also the current Blitz Cup holder, and has won it 12 out of the 15 years it has been played for. Can he do it again?

It was great to see one of our highest turnouts yet at Junior Club this week, along with already a good number of early entries for the Club’s annual open Kāpiti Junior Championship on 18 September.

Club update – 27 July

This week, term 3 kicked off for our Junior Club, with several keen kids along for the first time. The Club now has, for the first time in its history, as many, if not more, junior members playing Chess than it does senior members. While the new separate Junior Club model has worked well in attracting younger players, a lot of credit is also due to the dedicated work of Club President Gordon, along with his with Andrea.  

Meanwhile, rounds 7 and 8 of the 2021 Winter Cup (at 25m + 5s)  were played this week in the senior Club. With 2 final scheduled rounds left next week, Gordon now has a near uncatchable lead on 7½,  followed by David Paul on 6, and Ross and Geoffrey on 5½. Latest results and standings here.

Week 2 of Winter Cup, Game of the Year

Week 2 of the Winter Cup. After Rounds 3 and 4, Gordon leads on 3½, followed by Ross and Brandon on 3, and David Paul and Guy on 2½. Full Vega results and standings here. The tournament will continue for another 3 weeks and 6 rounds, so still anybody’s Cup yet!

This week the Committee put $50 up for grabs in a novel new award for ‘Game of the Year’. Any Club game played during the year can be submitted. Games will be judged not just on quality, but on other factors such as novelty or sheer entertainment value. Entries have already begun coming in, and will be accepted up to the  final Club competition night on 7 December.