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Grand Prix – Glenys Memorial Trophy

The Grand Prix recognises the member with the consistently best performance throughout the year. Grand Prix points are awarded for each of the Club’s major tournaments, so the award also in part recognises support of the Club through active participation in events throughout the year.

Final Grand Prix standings for 2021
 MemberFreebirdKingstonLeo EichholtzWinter CupSpring CupClub ChampsTotal Tie Break*
1Gordon Lyall510710

held due to Covid

held due to Covid
2Stewart Holdaway3910628 
3Ross Jackson3.579727 
4Geoffrey Gunawan4.549826 
5Guy Burns2.577522 
6John Eccles294520 
7David Paul4 4917 
8David Scott255315 
9Andy Hicks 4419 
10John Whibley0.544 8.5 
11Brandon Holman14 27 
12Mike O’Rorke  4 4 
13Hamish Lester    0 

*Tie Break System: Total weighted tournament points, then most wins from Direct Encounters.

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For information on how the Grand Prix works click here.