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The Club meets 7:30pm every Tuesday at the Paraparaumu Library.
Use the map here if you aren’t sure where to go.

Chess, is it an art, science or sport?

It’s early days in the Club champs and David Paul takes an early lead.
Full results Here

Third round of our Blitz Trophy was played, with a small field, and David Paul nudges Lars Dobbertin-King aside to narrowly lead by half a point
Next week we start the Holy Grail of Kapiti Chess—the Club Championships, 8 rounds played in two series with a timeframe of 1 hour 30 seconds with a 30 second add-on per move.

Alistair McGowan lost his mojo to allow David Paul and Lars Dobbertin-King to take out the Freebird Trophy—congratulations.
A Blitz round next week.

The Freebird Trophy is underway and Alistair McGowan leads with a blistering 4 wins after 4 games, including a rare 6 move checkmate against Guy Burns:  1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nf5 Nge7 6.Nd6# 1-0!

Congratulations goes to David Paul for winning the Leo Eichholtz Trophy. Due to low numbers the final 8th round was not played.
Full results Here
Next week we start the first night—of two—in the Freebird Trophy—timeframe:  10 minutes with a 5 second add on, 4 games on the night.

After the penultimate night of the Leo Eichholtz Trophy, David Paul pulls into the lead a clear point ahead of rival Alan Winfield. With one more night to go David must sail a steady course to reclaim this Trophy, but Alan has a chance to blow the wind from David’s sails, as they a due to play each other next round.

Series Three of the Leo Eichholtz Trophy continues and the gap is starting to narrow for the leader board.
Alan Winfield and David Paul are neck and neck, very closely followed by a pack of several players within cooee.
Full results Here
Guy Burns, Alan Winfield and Ross Jackson attended a very successful Hutt Rapid, with Ross finishing a respectable 3rd in the A grade—results here.
Photo below of the venue.


Series Three of the Leo Eichholtz Trophy has begun.
Competition is fierce with David Paul catching Alan Winfield to share the lead—both on 14 points, with Guy Burns lurking behind 12.5
It’s going to be a close finish

The second round of the Blitz Tournament was played and current Trophy holder Lars Dobbertin-King continues to led the field.
But, it is close—with a bevy of players close behind.
Next week we start the final Leo Eichholtz series, not the Freebird Trophy as previously advertised.

Series Two of our Leo Eichholtz Trophy is now finished and Guy Burns takes this series with 7 points.
Alan Winfield is overall leader, but stormy seas have hampered his lead and David Paul is only one point behind with a final third Series to be played.
Full results Here
Blitz games will be played next week, followed by two nights of our Freebird Trophy.