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Kapiti Chess Club – Visitors Always Welcome!

The Club meets 7:30pm every Tuesday at the Paraparaumu Library.
Use the map here if you aren’t sure where to go.

Chess, is it an art, science or sport?

Lars Dobbertin-King is still unbeaten in the 2nd Series of our Club Champs—only half a point behind leader David Paul. Unfortunately Lars will miss the final night of play, thereby making it hard to dislodge David from the lead in Kapiti Chess Club’s ultimate Trophy.

Lars Dobbertin-King continues his unbroken run in the 2nd Series of our Club Champs with an upset win over David Paul. This win has upset the apple-cart for David; he is now only half a point in front of Alan Winfield and one point ahead of Lars—exciting stuff!
Game can be viewed Here

Lars Dobbertin-King continues to lead series 2 of the Club Champs, but David Paul continues his slide into the lead for the complete event—now one and a half points clear of the field. With four rounds to go it will be difficult to reign him in….


Clash of the giants: Club Champ leaders David Paul and Alan Winfield battled it out in an exciting game where, with a piece down, Alan rolled out a pawn attack, but to no avail—a draw.


It’s great to be back at the Library to finish the first series of the Club Champs. David Paul has a comfortable 1.5 point lead in the A Grade, Sean Doyle is only half a point ahead in the B grade, and the C grade is led by Rose Kingston. The first round of the 2nd series of the Champs begins Tuesday.

A full house with 7 boards played in the Club Champs—no major upsets and David Paul continues to lead by half a point.
Next week we are finally back in the Library and play the final round of the current series.

Rose Kingston victory over Natalie Bowles propels her well into the lead of the C Grade in our Club Champs.
There is NO CHESS—4 October—and meet again at the Women’s Centre 11 October.

Fifth round of our Club Champs was played and David Paul leads by a whisker with 4 players within one point.
Rick Lowe heads the B grade and Rose Kingston is in charge of the C.
We next meet again at the Womens Centre and the following week—4 October—there is no chess.

Sorry about the muck up last Tuesday—we now have the key.
Don’t forget, we will play at the Women’s Centre, Ngahina Street.

There will be no chess this Tuesday—6 September—and the following Tuesday—13 September—we will meet at the Women’s Centre—around the corner from the Library, but don’t worry if you don’t know where it is; someone will be at the Library to direct you there.