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Kapiti Chess Club – Visitors Always Welcome!

Kapiti Chess Club meets 7:30pm, Tuesdays at the Salvation Army rear Hall, 41 Bluegum Road, Paraparaumu Beach

Juniors meet before this at 7:00pm for coaching and casual games before the formal club games. This is a great way to learn or improve your game with experts, and have a bit of fun too with other juniors. Bring a friend and come and check it out.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

Chess, is it an art, science or sport?

2019 Kapiti Rapid

The Kapiti Rapid is on! This cool little annual regional chess tournament will be on Saturday May 25, in Paraparaumu, and is open to all levels, grades and ages. This is a Grade 3 Poison Pawn Grand Prix event rated with the New Zealand Chess Federation.

Full info and entry form for the tournament can be found here.

Whether you’re a serious competitive player or a more social player, come along and support Kapiti chess, and have a bit of fun playing the best game in the world. 


The new 7 pm start with coaching for juniors was a big success. All juniors attended and the coaching covered chess notation and the use of chess databases to enhance learning and enjoyment of the game. The feature game was Deep Blue (IBM Super Computer) v Garry Kasparov. Coaching was delivered using a projector so all students could easily view the lesson material which was delivered using chess database software. Lessons will be available to all members in pgn format.

This week was Round 7 of the John and Rose Kingston Memorial Tournament. With a crowded table and only one more round after this, there was a lot to play for. Front-runners Gordon Lyall and Alistair McGowan were paired against David Scott and Ross Jackson. Gordon methodically dispatched David after putting file pin pressure on his opponent’s king and queen which eventually resulted in an exchange of rook, bishop, knight and 1 pawn for queen and 3 pawns – materially even, but positionally lost for David. Ross v Alistair was the potential match-up of the night. However, Ross running extra late tonight, found a generous Alistair willing to waive his otherwise win on time, and play. The better news for Ross was that he went on and won. All this left Gordon in clear first, going in the final round, with Ross and Alistair a point behind, and Guy in fourth place, half a point behind, after his win over Geoffrey. Amongst the juniors Asher had a nice win over Hamish to gain another full point for the tournament. Results here.

Subscriptions are now due and should be paid by 30th April. See here for more details.

Great news for junior members! Commencing next Tuesday, 19th March, the Club will start at 7pm. The idea is to allow more time for juniors to play casual games and get some coaching, before their formal club matches. Gordon will be announcing more details on this soon.

A reminder also that the annual Kapiti Rapid tournament is on the 25th May. More details to follow soon.

This week saw Round 6 played in the John and Rose Kingston Memorial tournament with the competition really starting to heat up. Front runner Alistair masterfully put paid to David S’s Petroff, while fellow front runner Gordon also had a win over Geoffrey. Both retaining their position as joint leaders. Meanwhile, there were two closely fought battles, between Ross and Guy, and Brandon and David P looking to get back some of his winning form. Proving that chess blindness can sometimes be contagious, Ross prevailed in the end over Guy, after blundering a piece, only to have Guy reciprocate by setting up a helpmate. David v Brandon was quite a tussle until the 31st move when Brandon took a gamble, which didn’t come off, and it was downhill from there. Mark W, Valera and Savannah also all had wins resulting in a relatively crowded table (see here), and plenty to be decided in the final two rounds!

Finally a reminder, following on from the Club Captain’s announcement, that we aim to start all games each week promptly at 7.45pm.

We had our AGM and a new Committee has been elected. Gordon Lyall has been elected President, Mark Summers (Junior Representative), Guy Burns (Vice-President), David Paul (Club Captain), David Scott (Secretary), Brandon Holman (Treasurer) and Ross Jackson (Committee Member). Fees remain the same and a new category of ‘unwaged’ has been introduced ($100). Full details Here

We have moved to our new premises in Bluegum Road, Paraparaumu Beach; and the venue is working well—plenty of room and good lighting. The AGM is this Tuesday 19 February; kickoff 8pm; see you there!

Last week was our first night of the new year and with around 50% of the club membership turning up, it was a reasonably good night for some friendly games and to get to know our new home!! It was particularly pleasing to see most of our Juniors turn up and if their enthusiasm continues, we may look to restarting the Junior training programme again after the AGM.

Kapiti Chess Club prize giving was held on our last night of the year—18 Dec—a great time was had. Gordon Lyall is now supreme Kapiti Champion (pictured below) and he ended up with the ordeal of playing all the members at the end of the evening. For further photos; including prize giving, click Here.

Club Championships are now over!
The Winners are:

A Grade and Club Champion – GORDON LYALL
B Grade Champion  – DAVID SCOTT
C Grade Champion – BRANDON HOLMAN
Though the “A” and “C” grade titles had already been settled, there was much to play for in the “B Grade’ with David Scott leading by a half point from John Whibley and just a One point advantage from Mark Woodward.

Being drawn against “A” grader Alan Winfield, David Scott was in for a tough game and his skill showed when he sacrificed a Rook for Knight which gave him strong counter play—sufficient for Alan to offer a draw, which, secured the B Grade title for David.

2018 Photos

As our year draws to a close, remember we have prizegiving coming up next Tuesday to celebrate the year gone by. Remember to bring a plate of food and invite all your family / friends to come along.

A new photo gallery has been put up with photos from 2018 club nights – click here to see it.

Also, here is a short video where Valera explains how he sacrificed much of his material to checkmate Rick Lowe:

See you all at the prizegiving!

We start off with a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to new member Brandon Holman, who after his win over Geoffrey Gunawan, secured the C Grade Championships with 8.5 pts. After a grueling 3 months we are finally down to the last round and though, along with Brandon, Gordon Lyall has taken out the A Grade and outright “Club Champion”, there are three players still in contention for the B Grade Championship. See our Results Page for more details.