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First series of Leo Eichholtz decided

Stewart Holdaway was the deserved winner of the first leg of the Club’s Leo Eichholtz tournament, finishing this week unbeaten on 6½ from 8. He finished a clear 1½ points ahead of second place getters, Geoffrey Gunawan and Ross Jackson on 5. It was a night of chances, including Ross falling to a nice game by Geoffrey (see game here), and Guy perhaps ruing chances in Round 7 against Stewart, and in Round 8, where he allowed himself  to get into a clever minor piece trap from Mike. Here’s another game from the competition, the Round 3 clash between the eventual first and second place getters. 

Final results can be found here. The second and final leg of the Leo Eichholtz will begin in August. Meanwhile, next week will be a night of Blitz fun (or madness), followed the week after that by the start of final leg of the Freebird (10m + 5s).