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Freebird decided

This week saw the conclusion of the second leg of the Freebird (10m + 5s) tournament, and with the results of with the first leg played back in February, congratulations goes to Gordon Lyall (with 12½) who now adds this trophy to his collection. But with a win over Gordon in the final round, Geoffrey Gunawan took out a close second (half a point behind on 12 points). Third was David Paul on 8½, and fourth was Ross Jackson on 8. Full vega results for series 2 can be found here, but overall combined final standings were:

PlayerSeries 1Series 2Total
Gordon Lyall75.512.5
Geoffrey Gunawan6.55.512
David Paul    44.58.5
Ross Jackson  3.54.58
Stewart Holdaway61.57.5
Guy Burns       437
John Eccles       2.53.56
David Scott     336
Brandon Holman  23.55.5
John Whibley 325
Andy Hicks     1.51.53
Hamish Lester   303
Mike O’Rorke01.51.5