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Lars Dobbertin-King v Ross Jackson (31-10-23)

Game of the week was definitely a game of two halves. Ross playing the black side of a Caro-Kann (!), played a nice positional game and had the initiative early. This initiative increased on move 21, when Lars was forced to recapture on f3 which severely weakened his kingside. The weak king was harassed by the Black queen who collected some pawns along the way. However, when Ross played 35…f6, in an attempt to activate his rook along the f-file, he opened lines against his own king. This gave Lars active counterplay which culminated in a great finish. Annotations by Gordon Lyall.

Brandon Holman v Roy MacKay (31-10-23)

2023 Club Champs Round 4 match. Another good clash between young and old. When the dust settles it is a draw.

John Whibley v Brock Clement (31-10-2023)

Another game from Round 4 of the 2023 Club Champs. A closely-fought match clash between old and young.  John secures a pawn advantage but stumbles in the end to a nice tactical move.

David Paul v Levi Paxton (17-10-23)

The Game of round 2 in the 2023 KCC Championship was the top board clash between between David and Levi. A high quality game in which David steered into an open tactical battle which played to his strengths, and saw him come out on top.

Layla Timergazi v David Scott (27-5-2023)

A second round game played at the 2023 Kāpiti Open (25m + 5s).

David Scott v Richard Catterall (18-4-23)

This game was played as part of the Interclub match with Upper Hutt club  on 18 April 2023. 

David Scott v Ross Jackson (4-4-2023)

A Round 2 clash in the 2023 Kāpiti Kingston Memorial.

David Scott v Taylor Sussex (6-1-2023)

This was a Round 5 game at the NZ Major Open played in Wellington in January 2023.

Andy Hicks v Geoffrey Gunawan (2-11-2022)

Here is a game from Round 6 of the 2022 Kāpiti Chess Club Championship played between Andy Hicks (rated 1621) versus Geoffrey Gunawan (rated 1812). Annotations by Gordon Lyall.

Thomas van der Hoorn v Leo Malcolm (13-08-22)

There was a strong field for this year’s Kāpiti Junior Open Championship played on 13 August 2022. This included both the current as well as last year’s NZ junior champions, and an average rating well over 1700. The tournament was won by top seed Ryan Winter from the Wellington Club.

Here is a game from Round 4 between Thomas van der Hoorn (rated 1897) and Leo Malcolm (rated  1797). Annotations by Gordon Lyall.