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Andy Hicks v Geoffrey Gunawan (2-11-2022)

Here is a game from Round 6 of the 2022 Kāpiti Chess Club Championship played between Andy Hicks (rated 1621) versus Geoffrey Gunawan (rated 1812). Annotations by Gordon Lyall.

Thomas van der Hoorn v Leo Malcolm (13-08-22)

There was a strong field for this year’s Kāpiti Junior Open Championship played on 13 August 2022. This included both the current as well as last year’s NZ junior champions, and an average rating well over 1700. The tournament was won by top seed Ryan Winter from the Wellington Club.

Here is a game from Round 4 between Thomas van der Hoorn (rated 1897) and Leo Malcolm (rated  1797). Annotations by Gordon Lyall.

Ben Hague v Anthony Ker (28-05-22)

This was the crucial deciding final round game on Board 1 of the 2022 Kāpiti Rapid played 28 May 2022. Top seed Ben Hague plays third seed Anthony Ker, both former NZ Champions. Whoever wins, or draws, will win the title.

Lars Dobbertin-King v David Scott (10-5-22)

A final Round match between Lars and David in the 2022 Kingston Memorial played on 10 May, at a time control of 55m + 5s.

Lars Dobbertin-King v Gordon Lyall (29-3-22)

Round 1 of the 2022 Kingston Memorial played at 55m + 5s. Lars Dobbertin-King holds 2021 Kingston winner and Club Champion to a draw.

John Whibley v Geoffrey Gunawan (29-3-22)

The annual Rose and John Kingston Memorial tournament kicked off for 2022 on the 29 March. The level of the players in the tournament this year suggested there would be few easy games and a promise of some good battles. This is the first game from Round 1. A very even game until Black decides to opposite castle queenside leading to a classic kingside versus queenside attacks, where first White is winning – but able to find the finish, with Black storming back with a pawn storm and Knight sacrifice to open Whites kingside and allow his major pieces in for the kill.

Ross Jackson v David Scott (28-9-21)

While COVID continued to keep NZ Chess Clubs online during September 2021, this was one game played during one of the Kāpiti Chess Club’s online arenas. Black, using his role as the Club website person, to somewhat indulgently show off a rare win against Ross, albeit under a casual 10+5 online format.

Geoffrey Gunawan v Lars Dobbertin-King (7-9-21)

This is a game from one of the Club’s online meetings while OTB meetings were suspended due to COVID in the second half of 2021. The time format of 10 m + 5 s does not always provide for high quality games, but they can be entertaining none the less. In this game Geoffrey is able to get a good kingside attack going, again from the London, eventually ripping open the Black King’s defenses and ending with a nice mate. 

Geoffrey Gunawan v Stewart Holdaway (20-8-21)

With OTB chess temporarily suspended again due to COVID, this was a game from one of the Club’s online Arenas, played with a 10m + 5s time control. Geoffrey tries out his new version of the the London with 6. f3, and 7. g4 followed by a nice kingside storm. While the advantage alternated between both players several times, as is often the case in this  format, White’s kingside attack prevailed, ending with a nice mate finish.

Geoffrey Gunawan v Brandon Holman (7-7-21)

Round 1 game in the 2021 Winter Cup played at a 25m + 5s time format.