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We meet Tuesdays at the Salvation Army rear hall, 41 Bluegum Road, Paraparaumu Beach.  The Junior Club runs from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, except during school holidays.  A Training Club for juniors and adults runs from 7:30 to 8:00pm, and the Senior Club runs from 8:00pm. Find out more about us here.

The 2024 Kāpiti Open is on the 8th June. More info here.

“Chess is the art which expresses the science of logic” — Mikhail Botvinnik

Club news – 9 May 2024

Great to see so many kids getting involved with chess at our Junior Club, with current membership now around 30, ranging from ages 4 or 5 up to college age. The focus is on fun, participation, as well as competition and teaching new skills. Definitely some promising talent on display, and who knows, maybe even some budding future national chess stars. 

Meanwhile our new training sessions continue to attract a mix of junior and seniors, with the lesson this week, amongst other things, looking at space advantage.

In the senior club, Rounds 5 and 6 of the Winter Cup have started to sort out the playing field. Top-seeds Gordon and Ross run first and second, while a win over Ross in Round 5 sees Guy in clear third place. A large chasing bunch, a point behind, can hope for a third placing at best going into the final rounds next week. Current results here.

Photo: Ewan shows Milo and Jingwei a interesting fun variant of Chess called ‘Choss’. 

Interclub match with Upper Hutt

It was great to be hosted again this week by the Upper Hutt Club in a return interclub friendly match in their clubrooms at HIBS in Trentham. As per the format last year, players from each team played two rounds of 25m+5s games against the same opposing club player, one as white, one as black. It was another enjoyable night of friendly competition, and great to have a change of scene and to play to against some new faces. We warmly thank Tony and the Upper Hutt Club for  hosting us, which included some nice pizza at the mid-match break. For the record, Upper Hutt took out the honours this time, winning 7 to 5.  Results can be found here.  Geoffrey had a nice game in Round 1, which can be found here.

Normal club night followed the next night with Rounds 3 and 4 of the Winter Cup. Plenty of action and interesting results. The two unbeaten David’s clashed in Round 3, a game which went to the wire with seconds on each clock. David P was a pawn up for much of the game, but David S managed to hold off a strong  attack on the kingside and gradually convert down to a winning endgame. Unfortunately, he was not able to repeat in the following round against Ross after losing on time in a won position. After four rounds, Ross and Gordon lead on 3½, followed by David S and Guy on 3, and with several chasers on 2, there’s still plenty to play for in the upcoming rounds. Results here.

Club update – 24 April 2024

The 2024 Winter Cup tournament began this week. After two rounds, both David’s share an unbeaten lead on 2 points, followed by Ross and Gordon who drew their Round 2 game with each other. Great to see junior club members James, Tal and Daniel playing up in the senior club this week and competing well. Daniel had a win over John D, while James was unlucky not to score from a winning position against David S who escaped in the time scramble. Results and standings here

Next week, we look forward to an interclub match away with the Upper Hutt Club, and Junior Club recommences for Term 2.

Club update – 11 April

Congrats to long-time club stalwart John Whibley, who pulled one out of the bag this week in the first night of the second leg of the Freebird Cup. After four rounds, John sits first equal on 3, picking up wins over past club champion Levi, and over Guy and Ross, all rated notably higher. He shares the lead with David Paul who dropped just two half points, against David Scott and Brandon. David P brings 7 points from the first leg played back in February so will go into next week’s final four rounds as clear favourite. But as usual, there are several close chasers and potential final winners. Current results and standings here.

The Junior Club had a casual chess night this week, followed at the end with a prizegiving to the winners of the Term 1 tournament that finished last week. Congrats to (from left to right in the photo)  Isaiah (bronze), James (silver) and Daniel (gold).

Club update – 7 April 2024

It was an exciting finale to the opening junior club tournament of the year. On top board, tournament leader Daniel was under pressure against Jingwei, who launched a dangerous kingside attack. However, Daniel defended accurately and ultimately triumphed. He took out clear first place with 5½ points from 6. James edged out Roy to take 2nd place on 5 points, and Isaiah also finished on 5 points and takes 3rd place on tie-break. Just outside the medals were Devin, Jingwei and Roy all on 4 points. Congratulations to all players in what was a very competitive event.  In the seniors, there was a good turnout and lots of fun for our first Blitz night of the year. 

Photo: Daniel and Jingwei shake hands after their epic battle.

Club update – 27 March 2024

Junior Club

In the penultimate round of the T1 Rapid, there was a tense struggle on top board with Daniel eventually taking the full point against tournament leader James (see photo). On board two Isaiah prevailed with the Black, as did Jingwei on board 3. There were good wins by Elia, beating one of the tournament favourites, and a great checkmate by Oscar M. Going into the final round, anyone of 5 can win. Daniel leads by the slimmest of margins, a half point, ahead of the chasing pack which includes James. Jingwei, Isaiah and Roy. It’s set up for an exciting final round.

Senior Club

The final and deciding two rounds of the Leo Eichholtz 25m + 5s tournament were a close affair yielding three winners tied for first place. Congratulations to David P, Ross and Lars who all finished on 5 points from 7. The key matches were the Round 6 match-up between David P and Ross, and the Round 7 match with David P and David S, both tough fought draws, with other results going the way of the stronger player. Results and final standings can be found here.  Next week will be a Blitz night.

Club update – 24 March 2024

Junior Club

There were some big match ups in round 4. James playing white against Brock held on to his unbeaten run, and leads the tournament with a perfect score of 4 points from 4 games. In fact it was a good night for those playing white on the top boards, with 4 wins from 5 matches. On board 3 Isaiah bucked the trend by holding Roy to a draw with the black pieces. With 2 rounds to go, James leads on 4, with Daniel, Jingwei, Tal, Tuautua, Isaiah and Roy all only one point behind.

Senior Club

After five rounds in the Leo Eichholtz, 25m + 5s tournament, David P and Lars share the lead on 4 points. David P is undefeated so far, but has drawn games against Guy and Gordon, while Lars has just a single loss – against David P this week. For others, some upset wins and losses have led to a large chasing bunch or 4 or 5  players, which each have a technical chance to overtake the leaders in the final two rounds next week. Current results and standings here.

Club update – 5 March 2024

New Training Club

This week we began our brand new training club sessions. These sessions are designed to provide some extra coaching and training both for aspiring juniors as well as adult beginners. We’re trialling these as 30 minute sessions from 7:30 to 8:00pm in between the junior club and senior club. For this first session we had a very good turnout of around a dozen, half from juniors and half from seniors. Gordon Lyall (a FIDE-qualified trainer) led the session with an informative lesson on blunders, how to spot them and how to reduce them in your games.

Junior Club

There were some exciting games in round 2 with the pick of the bunch, James playing white against Charlotte (picture). Under time pressure Charlotte was unable to find the knock-out blow and James narrowly secured the point. There was also a great tussle between Lachlan and Oscar L, with Lachlan prevailing despite a valiant effort by Oscar. Brock, Devin, Isaiah and James lead the pack with 2 points each from two games.

Senior Club

Rounds 1 and 2 of the annual Leo Eichholtz tournament were played this week. After two rounds, Lars and newcomer Jan both lead unbeaten on 2, with David P and Guy next on 1½.  Full results and standings here.  


Club update and new training sessions

The first junior tournament got under way, with 30 participants registered for the 10 minute plus 5 second add on, Rapid time format. The tournament will run for the next six weeks. There were no big surprises in round one, but there were good wins for Ewan, James and Tautua.

In the seniors, congrats to David P (photo) who wrapped up series 1 of the Freebird tournament with an unbeaten 7 from 7, followed  by Guy on 6, and David S and Ross on 4. Full results can be found here. The final half of this tournament will run later in the year.  Next week we begin our annual Leo Eichholtz 25+5 tournament.

New Training Sessions

From next week the Club is introducing an exciting new development. We will be trialling 30 minute training sessions to run from 7:30 to 8:00pm in between the junior club and senior club . These sessions are designed to provide some extra coaching and training both for aspiring juniors as well as adult beginners.


Another great turnout at junior club this week, and great to so many kids participating and having fun with this great game. Also a good turnout at senior club, including three new faces. We played the first night of our annual Freebird event, played with a 10m + 5 s time format. After three rounds David P leads on 3, followed by Ross, Guy and David S on 2. Full results from the night can be found here

For those who might not know, our website  https://kapitichess.club/  holds heaps of interesting stuff about the Club, including latest news, events and results, games, and a large club photo collection, from now going back to the Club’s beginnings in the late 1980’s. You can check this out here: https://kapitichess.club/photos/

For the aspiring juniors in the club, it was interesting to see this week two 8 year-olds beat the the world record (one a few days after the other) for the youngest person to ever beat a Chess Grandmaster. You can read about it here:   https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2024/feb/20/eight-year-old-beats-chess-grandmaster-youngest. Showing Chess is one of the few games where young and old can often compete on even terms.