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We meet Tuesdays at 7:30pm at the Salvation Army rear hall, 41 Bluegum Road, Paraparaumu Beach.  The Junior Club meets before this from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, except during school holidays.  Find out more about us here.

Please note: The Junior Club is currently running at capacity and unfortunately we can’t accept new members for the moment. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to leave your details to be contacted when spaces are available again. 

“Many have become Chess Masters, no one has become the Master of Chess” – Siegbert Tarrasch.

Club champs heat up in penultimate round

The penultimate round of the Club Championship saw the juniors perform admirably. Roy got the better of Robert in a close game which went to a king and pawn endgame. Jacob prevailed in his clash with Tim, winning a lively game with a nice back rank mate. Brock had a tough match against Brandon, who played a solid game and eventually won in 49 moves. On top board, Gordon had a small advantage against David, with pressure along the half open file after the opening. However, David defended accurately and emerged with a definite advantage heading towards the endgame when he overlooked a tactical motif which handed the game to Gordon. Results and standings can be found here. All games are available on Lichess Study, including a full analysis of the top game, at the following link: https://lichess.org/study/OARe49y6

Top game in the junior club championship was a excellent game between, Brock and Jingwei, which went all the way to a K+R+P versus K+R. With the only pawn on the h file, the game was possibly a technical draw. However, Brock managed to convert the endgame, and he now leads with 5 points from the six rounds completed. On board 2, Jacob prevailed with the Black pieces against Isaiah, while Daniel and Cobus played out a nice game to a drawn endgame. With one round to go Brock leads by half a point from Jacob (4.5) and a further point to Jingwei on sole third (4).

In the junior grade, Tua playing black got the win against tournament leader Ronan. Orlando prevailed on board 2 against Milo, and Charlotte had a good win against Alex on board 3. Tua now jumps to the top of the table with 5 points from 6, Orland and Ronan are close behind on 4.5, with Charlotte and Ewan on 4 points each.

With only one more round to go it is set up for an exciting finish to all Club championships, with no guarantees and everything to play for!

Club champs update

Junior Club

Round 5 saw tournament leader Isaiah go down to Jingwei playing the black pieces. There were also good wins for Julia playing black against Tal, and Elane who, after a struggle, managed to convert a king and rook versus king endgame. Brock with a win over James, shares equal first with Jingwei on 4 points. They are closely followed by Jacob and Isaiah a half point adrift. In the junior division, Ronan prevailed in a tough struggle against Alex on top board, and now has sole lead by a half point from Tua who had a good win against Riki on board 2. There were also good wins for Orlando, Charlotte, Ewan and Chester. With 2 rounds to go the chasing pack consists of Alex, Milo and Orlando on 3 points. It’s going to be an exciting race to the finish, and still too close to call.

Senior Club

Round 6 of the Senior Club champs saw most games go to the stronger player. Gordon over David S, Ross over Brock, Levi over Roy, Lars over Jacob, Brandon over Robert, and Tim over Tal. With two rounds to go Gordon leads on 5, followed by Ross and Lars on 4½, and Levi and the two David’s on 3½. See results and table here. The junior players playing in both junior and senior club champs continue to give the seniors a good run for the money. Jacob played well against Lars to get into a drawn endgame position (see photo), but unluckily slipped at the end.

Blitz Cup decided


It was the second leg of the Blitz Cup this week in the senior section of the Club. Ten rounds of 3m+2s games were played. The usual fun and madness prevailed and at the end of the night, the honours went to Levi and Gordon both scoring an impressive 9½ points. In next place was Lars on 8  followed by David S on 6. When scores form this leg are combined those from Series 1 played back in May, the overall winner of the Blitz Cup for 2023 was Levi , with Gordon in second place, and Lars third. Congratulations! Results and standings here.


Next week the Senior Club  resumes long format chess with Round 5 of the Club Champs, while the Junior Club continues with Round 4 of their Champs. 

Club champs heat up!

The Club Champs are now in full swing for both the Junior Club and the Senior Club with some great match ups and results this week.

Round 2 of the junior A grade saw Brock win over Jacob in one of the longest games of the night, with Jacob unluckily losing a rook in an otherwise even battle where both sides had chances. This leaves Brock clear leader on 2 points after 2 rounds. In the junior B grade, Ewan and Riki both won their games to lead the grade unbeaten on 2 points after 2 rounds, just ahead of a large pack following half a point behind. However, the game of the night was between Devon and Isaiah. In an exciting close finish, and with only seconds remaining on both clocks, neither player could find a decisive advantage, and so agreed a well-earned draw. Well-played both! They both share second place with Tal and Yoav half a point behind Brock. See photos (including video of Devon and Isaiah clash) here.

In the Senior Champs, there was also plenty of action and some great match-ups. The two David’s battled to a draw, while up and coming juniors Brock and Roy (playing in both the Junior and Senior Champs) showed some solid form to secure a win and a draw respectively against more experienced members John and Brandon. See their games here. However the game of the night  was the top board clash between Lars and Ross. Ross gets a two-pawn advantage but Lars applies careful pressure with his central pawns building an attack which proves decisive in the end. See the game here. The result leaves Lars clear leader on 3½ at the half-way stage of the Champs. Full results and standings here.


Senior and Junior Club Champs progress

Round 3 of the Senior Club Championship was played this week, and it’s all still pretty crowded at the top. Ross and Gordon played out a draw to see them both maintain their lead, along with Lars, on 2½. David Paul who had a win over last year’s Champion Levi last week, this week fell to Guy, and they both share the next spot on 2 points, along with David Scott, and Jacob who had a win over John. Jacob is one of four promising junior members playing up in the senior competition. Current standings can be found here.

The first round of the Junior Club Championship got under way with 39 juniors registered. The tournament is split into two, with a senior and a junior sections. The tournament is a Swiss format with 6 rounds and the time control is 10 minutes plus 5 second increment. There were some strong match ups in the first round. Cobus playing white against a Isaiah was a tense game in which Isaiah prevailed. in another top match-up, Devon won with the white pieces against Jingwei. In the junior section there were good wins for Charlotte, Oscar L, while Ronan let a win slip with a stale mate draw with Joshua.

Success at Manawatū school pupil champs

Big congratulations to two Kāpiti Club members Levi Paxton and Brock Clement, who took out first and second place respectively, at the  at the recent Manawatū School Pupil Chess Championship. This is the second year in a row for Levi, who was also co-Club Champion in 2022 in the senior section of our Club. Brock is a member in our Junior Club. Both attend Horowhenua College in Levin. Well done both!


Junior T3 Rapid and badge awards

It was an exciting finale to the Junior T3 Rapid. Going into the last round Roy and Jacob were on 4.5 from 5, followed by Isaiah, Cobus and Devin, all on 4. With Roy and Devin away, the pivotal match up on top board was between Jacob and Isaiah. In a good game, it was Jacob who prevailed and took first prize with an impressive 5.5 points from 6. Cobus also had a strong tournament and came through to claim joint second on 5 points, along with Roy. Devin narrowly edged out Isaiah, Milo and Jingwei to claim the bronze medal with 4.5 points.

In what was the last official junior club night of term 3, there were some NZCF Badge Scheme awards presented. Pawn Badge (Level 1) awarded to Alex and Knight Badges (Level 2) to Cobus, Brock and Isaiah.  The challenging Bishop (Level 3) award was achieved by Jingwei, Devin, Ewan and Jed. Congratulations to all.

The junior Club will be on next Tuesday for a catch-up night, which will be followed by a one week break before T4 starts.


After 6 rounds in the senior club Spring ‘play something different’ tournament, Gordon leads on 6, followed by Ross on 5, and Lars and Levi on 4. Current standings here.

Club Update – 29 August 2023

Junior Club

After 4 rounds of the Junior T3 Rapid (10 minutes + 5 second bonus), Isaiah is the only one in the field of 38 with a perfect score of 4 points. He is closely followed by Jacob and Roy who share second place with 3 1/2. Cobus, Devin, Jingwei, Milo and William lead the chasing pack with 3 points. There is still time for someone to mount a challenge as there will be at least another two rounds played before the end of term. 

Senior Club

The final four rounds of the Freebird Tournament were played this week. This tournament comprises 16 rounds of 10 minute per side games, with half the rounds played back in February and the second half played over the last two weeks. For this second leg, Gordon was unstoppable on 8 from 8 – although the lower-rated Guy and David will consider themselves unlucky not to convert better positions against him in their rounds. Ross also performed well to finish second equal, despite usual work and travel commitments keeping him away from scores in a few of the early rounds. When combined with results from the first leg back in February, congrats go to Gordon who retains the Freebird trophy for the third year in a row, with Ross second and Lars third. Final results here.


Return inter-club match with Upper Hutt

Last week we were welcomed by the Upper Hutt Club in a return inter-club friendly match in their clubrooms at HIBS in Trentham. Each player played two rounds of 25m+5s games against an opposing club player, one as white, one as black. As with the home match back in April, it was another enjoyable night of friendly competition, and great to have a change of scene and to play to against some new faces. We warmly thank Upper Hutt Club for  hosting us, which included some nice pizza at the mid-match break. For the record, it was a pretty even match, with Kāpiti just taking out the honours  10 points to 8. Results can be found here

The 2023 Kāpiti Junior Championship

A record turnout of 80 kids from 18 schools across the Wellington, Kāpiti and Horowhenua regions competed in the fourth running of the Kāpiti Junior Championship on August 12, 2023. With heaps of parents and caregivers looking on, it was fantastic atmosphere as kids competed individually and as part of their school over four divisions, and for best Kapiti-Horowhenua school.

Top seed Ryan Winter made it two for two, taking out the Championship Open division for the second year in a row with an unbeaten 5½ from 6.  Along with Ryan, the Open division featured some top New Zealand juniors, including previous New Zealand junior champion Josh Langford who finished runner-up on 4½ with a single loss to Ryan in Round 2. Sharing third place was runner-up at this year’s NZ Juniors, Cohen Young, along with Kayden Loke, Levi Paxton and Alex Coates. 

In the school grade events, Luke Chang was an impressive winner in the Secondary grade, unbeaten with 5½ points from 6. Toby Shannon took the Silver, and Jacob Bayler the Bronze. In the Intermediate section, Timothy Wang and Samuel Coles both top-scored on 5 from 6, with Timothy narrowly edging out Samual on tie-break to take the Gold. Bronze was shared with Ushnishi Chakraborty, Alistair Brownie and Marcel Milson all on 4 points. In the primary section, Mark Wu and Leo Lawton both top scored on 5 points from 6, with Mark edging out Leo on tie-break for the Gold medal. Zachery He, Niranjana Sethuramlingam and Jingwei Xu all took away Bronze.

The School Trophy, awarded to the top performing Kāpiti or Horowhenua school, was won again by Levin Intermediate 13½ (aggregate score for top 4 players), with  Kāpiti College next on 11½. In third place was Ōpiki School. Congrats to Levin Intermediate winners for the third year running! Congrats also to the top scoring school on the day, which was Onslow College. 

Thanks to all the players and parents for a fantastic day of Chess, and to organiser and director Gordon Lyall, his wife Andrea and with others who helped out, to make the day run smoothly.

Final standings, 2023 Kāpiti Junior Chess Championship: Click on the links to see full results of that grade.

Junior Open:1st: Ryan Winter (5½), 2nd: Josh Langford (4½), 3rd=: Cohen Young, Kayden Loke, Levi Paxton, Alex Coates (3½)
Secondary Age Division:Gold: Luke Chang (5½), Silver: Toby Shannon, (5), Bronze: Jacob Bayler (4½)
Intermediate Age Division: Gold (on tie-break): Timothy Wang (5), Silver: Samual Coles (5), Bronze: Ushnishi Chakraborty, Alistair Brownie, Marcel Milson (4)
Primary Age Division:Gold (on tie-break): Mark Wu (5) Silver: Leo Lawton (5), Bronze: Zachery He, Niranjana Sethuramlingam, Jingwei Xu (4½)

School Trophy for best Kāpiti-Horowhenua School:

Full Results by School

Levin Intermediate (Top 4: Alistair Brownie, Roy McKay, Blake Bortha, Oscar Hyndman). Photo: Full team, plus teacher Lars Dobbertin-King).

Photos and videos from the day including all the prize-winners can be found here.
Results from previous years can be found here.
Tournament poster