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The Club Championships are now over and the dust has settled. David Paul finished the year Kapiti Chess Club Supreme Champion taking the honours for all Trophies–A Grade Championship, John Kingston Memorial Trophy, Leo Eichholtz Trophy, Freebird Trophy, Grand Prix Prize and Blitz Champs. Rick Lowe won the B Grade Trophy and top Junior Johnny Hynes the C Grade Trophy. For photos of the Prize-giving, click Here.

Defending champion David Paul beat contender Paul Frost to set his seal on the Club Championships. John Whibley won against Sean Doyle. Lars Dobbertin-King drew with experienced Glyns Mills. Johnny Hynes beat leading B and C Grade contender Rick Lowe. Club Captain Mike O’Rorke won against battler Rose Kingston. Zephyr Wills beat Ian Liddell and Spenser Viernes won against Hayden.
Nathan Price had the bye.
Next week is the last round of the Club Champs.

Kapiti Chess Club member Guy Burns attended the 18 Gokarna International Chess Tournament held in South India 23 November 2014. The Swiss-based Tournament was run over 5 rounds at the Namaste Yoga Farm, Kudle Beach, Karnataka. Guy struggled against a strong international field and his loss to Spainard Luisa Zamora in the first round set the tone for his play in the Tournament. Europeans dominated the event, with top honours being shared by Oliver Drometer (Germany) and Tapani Sydӓnmetsӓ (Sweden) with 4 points, followed by Jӧrg Gehmann (Germany) on 3. Full photos HERE.

2nd Round of the Final Series of the Kapiti Club Championships was played and Lars Dobbertin-King achieved a respectable draw against current title-holder David Paul. A draw now puts David only one point ahead of nearest rival Paul Frost–their game will be the one to watch as a win by Paul will put him level with David. There are no other players within cooee, so the Kapiti Coast Chess champion will be one of these two players.
Rick Lowe leads the field in the B and C Grade, one and a half points from Ian Liddell.
Johnny Hynes is in front of the Juniors, half a point from fellow Junior Spencer Viernes.

The final round of our Blitz Tournament was played tonight and ultimately, David Paul came out trumps with a two and half point lead over his nemesis Paul Frost. Club Captain Mike O’Rorke took out third place with 14.5 points. In the Juniors Zephyr Wills and Spencer Viernes share honours for the top spot.
Next week is the third and last series of the Club Championships—6 rounds of play—and there’s still a chance to knock David Paul off his perch, but, it won’t be easy with his one and a half points lead.

Last game of the 2nd series of our Club Championships was played and maestro Paul Frost played a strong game against current Kapiti Chess champion David Paul. Once again David still managed to avoid a loss in this Tournament, with the game ending in a draw, David continues to lead—ahead one and half points from nearest rival Paul Frost.

Club Captain Mike O’Rorke plans succeeded with a fine swindle against John Whibley. Junior, Johnny Hynes played well to beat dark horse Ian Liddell and Ian now has 6 points—only a half point lead from Rick Lowe, who is half a point off top placed Junior Spencer Viernes. Lars Dobbertin-King won against Glyns Mills and Sean Doyle beat Rose Kingston. Rick Lowe won by default with a bye point.

The 3rd and last series of the Champs starts 29 October and will go through to 3 December. Our next game to be played is the 3rd night of our Blitz competition—see you there!

David Paul continues his lead in the Club Champs—a full point and half ahead of his nearest rivals, whilst it’s a much tighter battle in the B and C Grades. Here, Ian Liddell leads by a bare half point from Rick Lowe, who, is closely followed by leading Junior Spencer Viernes—Full Results below. See you there for the final round of Club Champs Series 2—and don’t forget there is still hope for those on less points: we have a Series 3.

Alistair McGowan put some pressure on David Paul in their Club Champ game. But, with the battle ending in a draw, David continues his unbeaten run and leads his nearest rivals—Paul Frost and Alistair—by one and half points. Rick Battler Lowe leads the B and C Grade, one point ahead of Ian Liddell.

David Paul slowly extends his lead in the Club Championships with the absence of Alistair McGowan and won his game against ex-Olympiad player Glyns Mills. Mike O’Rorke beat Rick Lowe and Sean Doyle won against Junior Zephyr Wills. Johnny Hynes beat visitor Hayden. John Whibley won against Paul Frost and Lars Dobberton-King beat leading B Grade contender Ian Liddel. Top Junior Spencer Viernes won his game against Rose Kingston. Next round is the 4th game of the 2nd series of the Champs.

Round 2 of the second series of the Club Championships was played and David Paul continues to lead the A grade by one point from Alistair McGowan and Paul Frost. Ian Lowe and Rick Lowe are neck and neck in the B & C grade. Spencer Viernes is also a point ahead, in the Junior League. See you there for round 3.