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Round 2 of the Club Championships resulted in some interesting results. Current A grade champion David Paul battled it out with John Whibley for 52 moves—eventually coming to a point where neither could make any progress—a toughly fought draw. Mike ORorke had the Black pieces against Lars Dobbertin-King and left his Knight for ‘free’, Lars took it then Mike played discovered check and whoops! Mike had pocketed Lars’ Queen—great win to Mike. Alistair McGowan snared a win over Glyns Mills.
Dark Horse Ian Liddell played lovely positional chess to deal a blow to chessmaster Rick Lowe. Sean Doyle ended up stalemating himself whilst seeking an elusive win over Johnny Hynes. And Rose was Tea lady for the night having the bye. Next week will see a top-of-the-table clash between the only two players on maximum points, when Alistair Wham McGowan plays Mighty Mike Tree O’Rorke—a game well worth watching.