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12 players were in attendance for the 5th round of the Club Championships. The game to watch saw unbeaten Alistair Wham McGowan pitted against the incumbent A Grade Champion David Paul. The game was decided by a cunning tactic by David on move 34—resulting in David winning a piece—at this point Alistair threw in the towel. Mike O’Rorke played up and coming junior Spencer Viernes—at one point in the game Spencer had Mike on the ropes with a forced win (according to the keen eye of David Paul)—but Spencer misplayed and lost. Paul Frost managed to win against the promising Junior Zephyr Wills. Ian Liddell—recovering from his loss to Spencer last week—beat top A grade contender John Whibley dealing a serious blow to his chances to take the prestigious A grade Trophy. Rick and Rose battled out for a draw and Ex Olympiad player Glenys Mills started her comeback into the tournament with a win over Johnny Hynes. This leaves the points tables very interesting with 1 round to play in this series