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The Kapiti Chess Club Championships are now underway. After some teething issues the Committee has merged the B and C Grades into one Swiss Tournament. The field is as follows:


No  NAME                        RATING 
1.  WOODWARD, MARK                1531
2.  REEVES, David                 1450
3.  LOWE, RICK                    1100
4.  SEDDON, BRIAN                 978 
5.  PAUL, CHRISTY                 967 
6.  SEDDON, DAVE                  912 
7.  KINGSTON, ROSE                842 
8.  CARR, CHRIS                   745 
9.  BENNY, TRISH                  742 
10. EVANS, Andrew                 575 
11. CLARK, Josie, Josie           542 
12. HYNES, Johnny                 540 
13. CLARK, Jack, Jack             539 
14. REYNOLDS, Luke                539 
15. TOON, Josh                    537 
16. MURROW, Xander                512 


No NAME                     RATING

1. PAUL, DAVID                1775
2. KINGSTON, ZOE              1589
3. WHIBLEY, JOHN              1463
4. BURNS, GUY                 1459
5. O'RORKE, MIKE              1386
6. ROBERTS, TIM               1370
7. SOSNOSKY, DENNIS           1370

Next week— 29 July—we have our Fourth round of the Blitz series, five rounds throughout 2009.
Our calendar has be updated to reflect changes in the Club Champions format
The Club Champs are now under way, but with the format we are using there is still time for new entries to be accepted.

Zoe Kingston (left) looks on with satisfaction — at her text-book perfect position — Tim Roberts (to move) soon realises his time is up, and resigns.

The 2009 Club Champs have now started, with three trophies being challenged for:

Paul Frost (left) winner of the John Kingston Memorial Trophy, congratulates Rick Lowe,
winner of the Reserve Grade — Well done Gentlemen!
Saw Round Three of the Kapiti Chess Club Blitz Tournament played, under rugby Sevens rules, where the top four players square off using semi-final, then finals—based on three games per final. Guy Burns, David Paul, Earl Roberts and Mike O’Rorke made it to the semis, resulting in David Paul and Guy Burns facing each other in the grand show down. Once again David Paul prevailed, crushing Guy in the first two games.

Round three’s biggest upset result was this magnificent mating manoeuvre by a determined and resolute Mike O’Rorke (left)
against a shell-shocked, current reigning Kapiti Blitz Champion — David Paul.

Next week the Club Champs start, based on a double round robin tournament. Because of a change in programme, all first four games are required to be played when the opponent is absent, this is to accommodate some players who have planned to be away over this period. A full draw will be developed and placed on this website to allow players to plan their games.

CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Frost for keeping his cool when battling his way through the field, to take the 2009, 60-60 John Kingston Memorial Trophy — like the twelve labours of Hercules, Paul stood firm against an onslaught of worthy opponents, only crumbling against Zoe Kingston in the middle stages of the eight-round contest. Zoe Kingston and David Paul followed closely on six points, ahead of Guy Burns and Mike O’Rorke on five.

In the Reserve Grade Rick Lowe took out the Title, well and truly ahead of the pack, on seven  points. Next — Tricia Benny and Chris Carr with a respectable five points. Junior player, Josie Benny, followed closely with an impressive four and a half points.

Next week — 24 June 2009 — is round Three of our Blitz Trophy Challenge, so come along for some exciting rapid chess. Members of the public are invited to play in this fun event.

After the second to last night of the John Kingston Memorial Trophy, Paul Frost and Zoe Kingston continue to share the lead —  on six points — after wining their games. Paul easily won after Guy Burns crumbled in the mid-game. Zoe’s game was also quickly over. David Paul stands alone at second on 5 points, followed by a field of four on 4 points. In the Reserve Grade, Rick Lowe and Tricia Benny were both absent, but continue to lead the field, based on a solid foundation of previous wins. Rick on 7 points leads ahead of Tricia and Chris Carr on 5 points. Next week is the last night of this competition and will determine the final result.

On 24 June we have round three of our five round Blitz Trophy — come along for a fun night of rapid chess. The following week our Club Champs are scheduled to start. David Paul will prepare a draft plan for the tournament and bring this along on 17 June.

Kapiti Chess Club now has a Blog — test it out and leave a few comments!

Paul Frost kept a cool clear head, in the John Kingston Memorial Trophy, to beat David Paul in a finish that was down to the wire — a couple of minutes were on both clocks — Paul maintained his composure and confidently Queened his pawn and it was soon all over for David, who tenaciously played briefly on, trying for a forced draw.
Paul Frost (right) prepares to rapidly launch his f pawn to queendom, then onto mate,
much to the consternation of David Paul (left).

Paul and Zoe Kingston lead the field, by a full point, and their games will be closely followed next round. Glenys Mills had a noteworthy win against Tim Roberts. In the Reserve Grade Rick Lowe, on six points, is pulling ahead of the field, as former co-leader Tricia Benny, five points, was absent. Two more rounds remain for this Trophy Tournament. Next, a blitz night will be held, and then the Club Championships will start — the format of this contest will be announced soon.

Zoe Kingston struck a devastating blow against John Kingston Memorial Trophy leader Paul Frost with an impressive win. With 3 minutes left on his clock, Paul Frost cheekily said — “draw?” — but with 16 minutes on her timepiece, Zoe Kingston was in no mood for red herrings, and like Thor, soon comprehensively completed a victory. Zoe and Paul, with David Paul share the lead on four points, closely followed by a pack of four players on three points. Another noteworthy win by Christy Paul against John Whibley. Next week’s games, may determine the winner of this well fought trophy.

Paul Frost (left) looks down and realises the game is up, as
 Zoe Kingston records her move for prosperity

In the Reserve grade Johnny Hynes won against Chris Carr, and Rick Lowe beat Luke Reynolds. Rick Lowe and Tricia Benny share the lead on five points, one and a half points clear of Josie Clark.


The Fourth round of the John Kingston Memorial Trophy 60-60 saw several impressive results. Perhaps the most dramatic was the whirlwind win by devastating David Paul over a dazzled Dennis Sosnosky in 9 moves — Dennis quickly resigned after an early blunder — don’t we all know that feeling? Paul Frost continues his fine form holding off a tenacious John Whibley, and leads the pack. Will Zoe Kingston — who is tentatively drawn to play him —  be able to clip his wings?  Next week’s game on Board 1 will be an exciting one. In the reserve grade Rick Lowe held off a challenge from Chris Carr to share the lead with the up-and-coming mother and daughter duo — Tricia Benny and Josie Clark — all on three points.