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Zoe Kingston struck a devastating blow against John Kingston Memorial Trophy leader Paul Frost with an impressive win. With 3 minutes left on his clock, Paul Frost cheekily said — “draw?” — but with 16 minutes on her timepiece, Zoe Kingston was in no mood for red herrings, and like Thor, soon comprehensively completed a victory. Zoe and Paul, with David Paul share the lead on four points, closely followed by a pack of four players on three points. Another noteworthy win by Christy Paul against John Whibley. Next week’s games, may determine the winner of this well fought trophy.

Paul Frost (left) looks down and realises the game is up, as Zoe Kingston records her move for prosperity.

In the Reserve grade Johnny Hynes won against Chris Carr, and Rick Lowe beat Luke Reynolds. Rick Lowe and Tricia Benny share the lead on five points, one and a half points clear of Josie Clark.