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CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Frost for keeping his cool when battling his way through the field, to take the 2009, 60-60 John Kingston Memorial Trophy — like the twelve labours of Hercules, Paul stood firm against an onslaught of worthy opponents, only crumbling against Zoe Kingston in the middle stages of the eight-round contest. Zoe Kingston and David Paul followed closely on six points, ahead of Guy Burns and Mike O’Rorke on five.

In the Reserve Grade Rick Lowe took out the Title, well and truly ahead of the pack, on seven  points. Next — Tricia Benny and Chris Carr with a respectable five points. Junior player, Josie Benny, followed closely with an impressive four and a half points.

Next week — 24 June 2009 — is round Three of our Blitz Trophy Challenge, so come along for some exciting rapid chess. Members of the public are invited to play in this fun event.