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The Kāpiti Rapid

The Kāpiti Rapid is an NZCF-rated open tournament hosted annually by the Kāpiti Chess Club. Typically run as a 6 round Swiss with a 25m+5s time control, and prizes over several grades. The tournament was first run in 1991.

Click on the year, for results and coverage of that year’s tournament.

YearDateFieldWinnerBest Kāpiti Player (from 2009)
Flora Paul Memorial Trophy


28 May 40Ben HagueRoss Jackson


29 May 45Russell DiveGuy Burns, Ross Jackson, David Paul


21 Nov 40Nicolas CroadDavid Paul, Ross Jackson
201925 May 33Scott WastneyGuy Burns, David Paul
201827 May 19Jeremy KnowlesAlan Winfield
2017** not held **
2016** not held **
201527 Sep 20Russell DiveDavid Paul
2014** not held **
20137 Sep 12Scott Wastney, Michael NybergAlistair McGowan, Mike O’Rorke
20128 Sep 26Michael NybergTodd Stewart, Guy Burns, David Paul

8 Oct

 40Ben HagueDavid Paul, Itay Ben-Dom
20105 Sep 25Anthony Ker, Russell DiveAlistair McGowan
200920 Sep 38Anthony KerDavid Paul, Denis Sosnoski
200821 Sep 49Russell Diveon NZCF website
20072 Sep 36Daniel Baider, Stephen Lukey, Nicolas Croad

on NZCF website

20069 Jul 29Scott Wastney

on NZCF website

20052 Jul ?? 
20043 Jul 18Mark Van der Hoorn 
20035 Jul 30Russell Dive 
20024 May 25Russell Dive, Mark Van der Hoorn 
2001** not held **
200020 May 22Mark Sinclair 
19998 May 32Russell Dive, Stephen Lukey 
19989 May 36Russell Dive 
199719 Apr 42Russell Dive 
199620 Apr 42Mark Sinclair, Jonathan Sarfati, Bob Smith 
199522 Apr 34Rajko Mastilovich 
199423 Apr 28Russell Dive, Mark Sinclair 
199324 Apr 32Jonathan Sarfati, Mark Noble 
199225 Apr 22Anthony Ker 
199127 Apr 34Russell Dive, Jonathan Sarfati