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Opening night 2024

Opening night for junior chess was buzzing with 28 members playing some fun casual games. We also extended a warm welcome to 8 new members who seemed to really enjoy themselves. Next week will be another casual night before we get down to business with the first tournament of the year! More on this to follow.

In the senior  club, we held our opening night AGM followed by some casual chess. The Club reported a successful year for 2023 with highlights including a booming junior club, record turnouts for it’s two open tournaments, a strong online presence, and a healthy financial position. The committee, fees and calendar of events for 2024 were set, along with some great discussion and ideas on a range of other business. However, the highlight of the night was the awarding of a Life Membership to long-time Club stalwart Guy Burns. More on that in an upcoming post. A record of the AGM will be posted here soon. Next week we’re back into business with our annual Freebird tournament.