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Club champs heat up!

The Club Champs are now in full swing for both the Junior Club and the Senior Club with some great match ups and results this week.

Round 2 of the junior A grade saw Brock win over Jacob in one of the longest games of the night, with Jacob unluckily losing a rook in an otherwise even battle where both sides had chances. This leaves Brock clear leader on 2 points after 2 rounds. In the junior B grade, Ewan and Riki both won their games to lead the grade unbeaten on 2 points after 2 rounds, just ahead of a large pack following half a point behind. However, the game of the night was between Devon and Isaiah. In an exciting close finish, and with only seconds remaining on both clocks, neither player could find a decisive advantage, and so agreed a well-earned draw. Well-played both! They both share second place with Tal and Yoav half a point behind Brock. See photos (including video of Devon and Isaiah clash) here.

In the Senior Champs, there was also plenty of action and some great match-ups. The two David’s battled to a draw, while up and coming juniors Brock and Roy (playing in both the Junior and Senior Champs) showed some solid form to secure a win and a draw respectively against more experienced members John and Brandon. See their games here. However the game of the night  was the top board clash between Lars and Ross. Ross gets a two-pawn advantage but Lars applies careful pressure with his central pawns building an attack which proves decisive in the end. See the game here. The result leaves Lars clear leader on 3½ at the half-way stage of the Champs. Full results and standings here.