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Club Update – 29 August 2023

Junior Club

After 4 rounds of the Junior T3 Rapid (10 minutes + 5 second bonus), Isaiah is the only one in the field of 38 with a perfect score of 4 points. He is closely followed by Jacob and Roy who share second place with 3 1/2. Cobus, Devin, Jingwei, Milo and William lead the chasing pack with 3 points. There is still time for someone to mount a challenge as there will be at least another two rounds played before the end of term. 

Senior Club

The final four rounds of the Freebird Tournament were played this week. This tournament comprises 16 rounds of 10 minute per side games, with half the rounds played back in February and the second half played over the last two weeks. For this second leg, Gordon was unstoppable on 8 from 8 – although the lower-rated Guy and David will consider themselves unlucky not to convert better positions against him in their rounds. Ross also performed well to finish second equal, despite usual work and travel commitments keeping him away from scores in a few of the early rounds. When combined with results from the first leg back in February, congrats go to Gordon who retains the Freebird trophy for the third year in a row, with Ross second and Lars third. Final results here.