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Armageddon night

Armageddon Chess is variant of rapid chess where if there is a draw, Black wins. As compensation, White gets a little more time on their clock, for example, 5 minutes versus 4 minutes with no increment  is typical. It’s often used as a tie-breaker in tournaments. The Club held its first ever Armageddon night this week, which was great fun. After a double round robin Geoffrey and Gordon came out as joint winners. Results here.

Congratulations also this week to Oscar, Charlotte & Orlando Liu  (front row in photo) and Jed Le Boutillier  (back row) who were awarded their NZCF Level 2 (Knight) certificates and badges.

Congratulations also to Gordon Lyall who has successfully completed training to become an internationally certified Chess trainer. The FIDE Instructor or FI title is awarded based on rating, student performance, experience or special achievements,  trainer & related professional skill, and a written exam. The title will be officially awarded at the FIDE Council Meeting on 4 August 2022. Great news for our Junior Club which he and his wife Andrea run each week.