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Ladder Tournament

The ladder tournament was introduced in 2018 and is played throughout the year and on particular “ladder nights.”

The rules of the ladder are as follows:

  1. A player may challenge anyone who is within 5 places of their position (among those who show up on the night if it is a ladder night).
  2. A Challenge cannot be declined on a Ladder Night.   Anyone who declines to play on a Ladder Night forfeits their spot to the challenger.
  3. The Challenger plays White – Time frame is 25m + 5s per game.
  4. If the lower ranked player wins they take over position of higher ranked player and the higher ranked player drops down one spot. If higher ranked player wins they move up one spot.
  5. If a draw the lower ranked player moves up one spot and the higher ranked player retains position unless the lower ranked is immediately below whereas they swap places.
  6. A player may not challenge the same opponent for a minimum of 2 games after playing.
  7. Ladder games may be played on any chess night providing both players are not involved in club tournament matches.  Club Tournaments take priority.