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Geoffrey Gunawan v Stewart Holdaway (18-5-21)

Stewart Holdaway was the deserved winner of the first leg of the Club’s Leo Eichholtz tournament, which is played under a 25m+5s time format. On his way to a 6½ from 8 finish, here is one of his points from Round 3, with annotations by David Scott and his Stockfish engine.


Stewart Holdaway v James Burt (16-5-21)

On 16 May, 2021 the Manawatu Knights Chess club hosted the second I.M. Sims Memorial in Palmerston North. Four players from Kāpiti participated. In the game below, Stewart Holdaway annotates his Round 5 clash against James Burt.

Guy Burns v Stewart Holdaway (20-4-2021)

A key game from Round 6 in the KCC Kingston Memorial tournament. Front runner Stewart Holdaway is Black against an in-form Guy Burns sitting 1 point behind. Played under a 55m + 5s time format.

David Scott v Mike O’Rorke (13-4-2021)

Another game from the fifth round of the 2021 Rose and John Kingston Memorial tournament. David Scott, White against Mike O’Rorke.

Geoffrey Gunawan v John Whibley (13-4-21)

Round 5 of the Kingston Memorial played under a 55m+ 5s time format.

Gordon Lyall v John Eccles (11-3-21)

The first week of the 2021 Rose and John Kingston Memorial tournament, played under a 55m + 5s time format. Current Club Champion Gordon Lyall (rated 1928) plays John Eccles (rated 1710, and voted last year’s Most Promising Player).

Robert Hurndell v Geoffrey Gunawan (13-2-2021)

Here is a short and sweet cameo from Geoffrey from Round 4 of the annual Hawke’s Bay Rapid played in Napier, February 13, 2021

Kayden Loke v Ryan Winter (12-12-2020)

A key Round 4 battle between eventual joint winners of the Kapiti Junior Chess Championship played 12 December 2020. Annotations from Gordon Lyall.

Kayden Loke v Henry Laslow (12-12-2020)

Final round game from the Kapiti Junior Chess Championship Open that clinches a share of the title for co-winner Kayden Loke. Annotations from Gordon Lyall.

Thomas van der Hoorn v Kayden Loke (12-12-2020)

Round 5 game from the Kapiti Junior Chess Championship Open between eventual joint winner Kayden Loke and fellow Wellington Club member  Thomas van der Hoorn. Annotations from Gordon Lyall.