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Club update – 24 March 2024

Junior Club

There were some big match ups in round 4. James playing white against Brock held on to his unbeaten run, and leads the tournament with a perfect score of 4 points from 4 games. In fact it was a good night for those playing white on the top boards, with 4 wins from 5 matches. On board 3 Isaiah bucked the trend by holding Roy to a draw with the black pieces. With 2 rounds to go, James leads on 4, with Daniel, Jingwei, Tal, Tuautua, Isaiah and Roy all only one point behind.

Senior Club

After five rounds in the Leo Eichholtz, 25m + 5s tournament, David P and Lars share the lead on 4 points. David P is undefeated so far, but has drawn games against Guy and Gordon, while Lars has just a single loss – against David P this week. For others, some upset wins and losses have led to a large chasing bunch or 4 or 5  players, which each have a technical chance to overtake the leaders in the final two rounds next week. Current results and standings here.