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Final night fun and prizegiving

It was a great finish to the year this week as both Junior and Senior sections of the club had their final night get together and prizegiving.

There was a fantastic turnout of 40+ kids and parents for the final Junior night. After a bit of casual Chess, the kids was split into 5 teams, joined by a further team of parents, and we ran a fun Chess-themed set of 20 multi-choice questions. For example, ‘what is it called when a Knight attacks more than one piece at once’. A: spoon, B: fork ,or C: knife?  ok, maybe you know that, but how about ‘who was the the longest reigning Chess world champion?’ or ‘what is the longest ever recorded game of chess (in moves)’? In the end, the kids acquitted themselves well, with the top team scoring 17 out of 20. For the record, the parents did not do as well!

Prizegiving followed the quiz. Cups, certificates, medals were awarded as follows, and a number of NZCF badges and medals were also awarded.

Junior Club Championship (senior division)
Junior Club ChampionJacob Bayler
Runner-upBrock Clement
Third equalCobus Potgeiter, Daniel Fay & Isaiah Heta
Junior Club Championship (junior division)
First placeTuatua Chadwick
Second placeRonan McGrath
Third placeCharlotte Liu
Player of the YearIsaiah Heta
Most Improved PlayerCharlotte Liu

Photos of all the winners and lots more from the night can be found here. Congratulations to everyone!

Prizegiving for the Senior Club followed. It was decided to repeat the Junior quiz for the Senior Club. Members,  partners and parents split into two teams and some fun and some madness ensued for a while. It was close battle in the end with just one point in it, but both senior teams still scored slightly short of the top scoring junior team earlier!

This was followed by  prizegiving. Congratulations to all the winners, in particular to Gordon Lyall who reclaims the Club Champion title and A grade Cup for 2012, amongst a number of other trophies. The full list of event and trophy winners can be found here: here

The night concluded with some enjoyable food and beverage at a local pub. More photos of the night can be found here.

That’s it for 2023. Thanks to all members and supporters for a great year. We look forward to welcoming everyone back in 2024. Stay tune in January for details when.