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End of term junior prizegiving

This week was the final night of the Term 2 Junior tournament, followed by prizegiving. Congratulations to the winners (from left to right in the photo):  Jingwei Xu (6) with the Silver medal, Devin Direen (7) with Gold, and  Tumuka Martin (10) with Bronze.

Congratulations also to all our NZCF Pawn and Knight badge certificate and badge winners below.

In the senior club, it was a night of ‘Hand and Brain’. Players pair up, one acting as ‘brain’ and one as ‘hand’. The brain says the name of a piece and the hand has to decide where to move it to. A really fun way to play as teams, with different pairings with different combinations of playing styles making for some really fun and interesting Chess.

Next week will be a night of Armageddon chess.