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Badge test time for Juniors!

This week many of our juniors sat for their NZ Chess Federation Level 1 “Pawn” Badge. The NZCF Junior Badge Scheme is a great initiative aimed at promoting and encouraging the development of Chess at younger ages. The test covers basic chess fundamentals; how to set up the board, how the pieces move & capture, check & checkmate as well as proper etiquette. Their are four levels of badge from Pawn up to Rook, and are proving very popular. Good luck kids!

Meanwhile in the Senior Club, the annual Rose and John Kingston Memorial tournament kicked off for 2022. For those who have been missing more classical longer format over-the-board Chess, this was a welcome change from the online and rapid time formats. The level of ability amongst our current players suggested there would be few easy games, and a promise of some good battles. And so it was, with both top seeds unable to win, and all lower-rated players either winning their games, or pushing very close, as in this game here between Geoffrey Gunawan and John Whibley.  First round results can be found here.