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Opening night fun

The Club opened for 2022 this week with a fun casual night of hand and brain chess.  In this variant, two players play each side, one acting as the ‘brain’ – and one as  the ‘hand’. The brain says the name of piece or pawn it wants to move, but not which piece or pawn, and not where it should move to. The hand has to decide this and move accordingly.

We rotated player-pairs and roles each game and it was interesting – sometimes funny – to see how different combinations of ability and playing style combined. The team play providing a nice change from what is normally an individual pursuit. With a 10m + 5s time control thrown-in, the night produced some weird and wonderful chess, and was a big hit. It will no doubt feature again sometime on our calendar later this year.

Note the Junior Club starts up again next week (8 February) at 6:30pm.