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Final round of Winter Cup

A great turnout, some great match-ups, and with no clear winner yet decided, it promised to be an exciting final round of the KCC Winter Cup. 

It could have been either of the David’s, and in the end it was both. David Paul found new member Pavlo equal to the challenge. After securing a small material advantage from a close game, he was forced to accept a perpetual check draw. Meanwhile, David Scott was eventually outplayed by top seed Ross, after being a pawn up after the opening. This left both David’s on 5 out of 7 and joint winners of the Cup for 2020. After trading his queen for two rooks, Geoffrey held on against a tenacious Guy to win their game, and take top junior placing, and third equal overall with Ross  Jackson.  Some other good games saw Brandon beat Mike, and John Whibley beat Gordon. Other new comers John Eccles, Chris and Rhys also winning their games.  See results here.

With  improvements in a number of members, and with the introduction of some strong new members, there is now a much larger pool of players who are competing more closely against each other. This has made for an enjoyable and interesting seven weeks of Winter Cup competition, and also bodes well for future Club competitions. 

Next week is Blitz night, and some crazy fun!