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Round two of the Club Champs was played and members are starting to get into the rhythm of the longer time-frames. The eight rounds of this Series A set will continue until 26 September, then we have a Round 4 of our Five minute Tournament. Don’t to forget to mark Saturday 8 September into your Calendars—it’s our Kapiti Rapid Tournament.

Round three of our Blitz Trophy was played on 25 July. Current Blitz champion David Paul cleaned up the field to continue overall lead in this five round tournament played over 5 nights through 2012. Round one of our club championships have started and we look forward to seeing you all there for round two this coming Wednesday 8 August.

Congratulations to David Paul for taking out the Leo Eichholtz Board with a massive margin of 5.5 points, David is a very clear winner ahead of Mike O’Rorke who was lucky to come out half a point ahead John Whibley, due to a ‘game of the year’ win by Iain Liddell against John. Well done Johnny Hynes for winning the Junior Grade, half a point ahead of Victor Fagundes. Next Wednesday is round number three of our 5 minute Blitz Tournament.

Club Champion David Paul suffered a rare loss to Alistair McGowan in our 30-30 Leo Eichholtz Board competition. Final round is held this Wednesday—18 July.

Series B of our 30-30 Leo Eichholtz Board roars on. With 4 rounds to go, David Paul appears to have an unattainable lead—John Whibley follows on 10.5 points and Victor Fagundes leads the juniors. Two more nights play remain.

Round two of our Blitz Tournament was played and David Paul blitzed the field with 5.5 points from six games—he leads the field, but with three more rounds to go this year anything can happen. Josh Bunker leads the Juniors with three points. 20 June we start Series B of our 30-30 Leo Eichholtz Board Trophy

Four games of the Freebird Trophy (15 minutes per player, per round) second series were played and Zoe Kingston made a clean sweep of the field, including a fine win against the current Trophy holder David Paul. Next week (13 June) we have round two of our Blitz Trophy and that’s five minutes per play, the chess equivalent of 20 Overs cricket.

The Chess Club website is now operational after undergoing significant delay due to a computer upgrade. During the interim (14 March to 18 April 2012) play in our John Kingston Memorial Trophy—55 min. plus 5 sec. timeframe—was completed and line honours are shared by David Paul (last year’s champion) and Alistair McGowan. Top Junior prize goes to Victor Fagundes. This Wednesday—6 June—is night 3 for our Mike O’Rorke Freebird Trophy—15 min time-frame—where we play 4 rounds—see you there, if you dare–visitors welcome!

David Paul and Alistair continue neck and neck in the John Kingston Memorial Tournament after two fine wins last week. There is one more round to go for this Tournament, which will be played 18 April.

The first round of the Mike O’Rorke Freebird 15-15 minute Trophy starts at our next Club night–11 April.

David Paul and Alistair McGowan are neck and neck with one round to go, both share the lead with 6 points each! Mike O’Rorke trails on 4.5 points.