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Past Kāpiti Chess Club Officers

This shows all Kāpiti Chess Club Presidents, Secretaries, Captains and Treasurers back to when the present club was formally established in late 1987. There are a number of other valuable official roles that have been appointed from time to time, including Vice-President, Vice-Captain, Junior Representative, Coach, Promotions Officer, and Librarian, but the four below have been in use every year since the Club began.

If you are able to help with any of the gaps below, or other information about the Club’s history, we’d love to hear from you

YearPresidentClub CaptainSecretaryTreasurer
2023Gordon LyallLars Dobbertin-KingDavid Scott Gordon Lyall
2022 Gordon LyallGeoffrey Gunawan David ScottGordon Lyall
2021Gordon LyallDavid ScottDavid ScottBrandon Holman
2020Gordon LyallDavid ScottDavid ScottBrandon Holman
2019Gordon LyallDavid Paul/ David ScottDavid ScottBrandon Holman
2018Alan WinfieldLars Dobbertin-KingRose KingstonGuy Burns
2017Guy BurnsDavid PaulRose KingstonGuy Burns
2016Guy BurnsDavid Paul/ Alan WinfieldRose KingstonGuy Burns
2015Guy BurnsDavid Paul/Mike O’RorkeRose KingstonGuy Burns
2014David PaulMike O’RorkeRose KingstonDavid Paul/ Rose Kingston
2013Guy BurnsMike O’RorkeRose KingstonGuy Burns
2012Guy BurnsDavid PaulRose KingstonZoe Kingston
2011Guy BurnsDavid PaulRose KingstonZoe Kingston
2010Guy BurnsDavid PaulRose KingstonZoe Kingston
2009Guy BurnsDavid PaulRose KingstonZoe Kingston
2008Guy Burns?Rose KingstonZoe Kingston
2007Roy SeabrookRoy SeabrookRose Kingston?
2006Guy Burns?Rose Kingston?
2005Guy Burns?Rose KingstonKay Hollis
2004Guy Burns?Rose KingstonKay Hollis
2003Guy BurnsEarl RobertsRose Kingston?
2002Guy Burns?Rose Kingston?
2001Guy BurnsEarl RobertsRose KingstonGuy Burns
2000Guy Burns?Rose Kingston?
1999John Holland?Rose Kingston?
1998John HollandAndrew StantonRose KingstonGuy Burns
1997Andrew Stanton?Rose KingstonRose Kingston
1996Guy BurnsLes JonesMike GosnellGuy Burns
1995Guy Burns?Bill CoxRose Kingston
1994Ab Borren/ Guy BurnsGlenys MillsBill CoxGuy Burns
1993Ab BorrenGlenys MillsBill CoxGuy Burns
1992Ab BorrenJim McIntoshAlvaro LacunzaGuy Burns
1991Ab BorrenJim McIntoshGlenys MillsAndy Gray
1990Ab BorrenTom Pyatt/ Bert LeggattGlenys MillsAndy Gray
1989Bill CoxTom PyattGlenys MillsAndy Gray
1988Bill Cox??Tom Powell
1987Bill CoxAlvaro LacunzaLeo EichholtzLeo Eichholtz