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Another great turnout at junior club this week, and great to so many kids participating and having fun with this great game. Also a good turnout at senior club, including three new faces. We played the first night of our annual Freebird event, played with a 10m + 5 s time format. After three rounds David P leads on 3, followed by Ross, Guy and David S on 2. Full results from the night can be found here

For those who might not know, our website  https://kapitichess.club/  holds heaps of interesting stuff about the Club, including latest news, events and results, games, and a large club photo collection, from now going back to the Club’s beginnings in the late 1980’s. You can check this out here: https://kapitichess.club/photos/

For the aspiring juniors in the club, it was interesting to see this week two 8 year-olds beat the the world record (one a few days after the other) for the youngest person to ever beat a Chess Grandmaster. You can read about it here:   https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2024/feb/20/eight-year-old-beats-chess-grandmaster-youngest. Showing Chess is one of the few games where young and old can often compete on even terms.