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Badge time again!

It was test time at the Junior Chess Club, with 7 students sitting their NZ Chess Federation Level 1 Badge (Pawn) and 5 students sitting Level 2 (Knight). Level 1 covers chess fundamentals, basic checkmates and etiquette. Level 2 introduces the special moves in chess, checkmate & stalemate patterns, as well as pawn promotion. Good luck to all…

Another school, Paraparaumu Beach, has signed up for the “Chess in Schools” program. PBS plan to start their school chess club after the holidays. They already have a strong core of good players, with 3 of their students, members of the Kapiti Junior Chess Club. This takes the number of schools who have committed to the Chess in Schools program to a total of seven!

Next week is the final night of the year for the Senior Club, with the final night for the Junior Club on the 13th.