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We welcomed three new faces at the club this week, Josh and Liam to our Juniors ranks, and one-time former member Gordon Anderson also coming along for some chess. Welcome!

This made for some great action for the night’s play, as the second half of the Club’s annual Rapid tournament continued into Rounds 3 and 4.  Round 3 match-ups all went to the higher-rated player, except David Paul pipped Club Champion Gordon Lyall, giving him his first loss of the tournament. Round 4 saw some close match-ups, with Ross Jackson over David Paul and Neels Du Plessis over Guy Burns.   Brandon Holman v David Scott saw Brandon handed the exchange and a better position early on, only to hand back a piece later on, and gradually get squeezed into a losing position, but eventually winning as David exhausted his time. See latest results here.

Photo: Club juniors (from left to right) Savannah, Mark, Hamish, Geoffrey, and newcomers Josh and Liam chilling in the analysis room between rounds.