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2019 Kapiti Rapid Games (25-5-2019)

Here are three games from this year’s Kapiti Rapid played in Paraparaumu on the 25th May 2019.

The first game is from eventual tournament winner Scott Wastney (rating 2346), playing white in Round 2 against Edward Tanoi (rating 1920).

Against the Sicilian, it is fairly equal into the first 20 moves, but Scott gets his rook and two knights working actively together  to advance into enemy lines and secure a positional and material advantage which eventually converts into a runaway passed b pawn.

The second game from the final round is the decisive game that wins the tournament for Scott. Played against the current New Zealand champion and Wellington clubmate Anthony Ker (Rating 2374).

Another Sicilian, but in this game, harry is allowed to march and tear open the black king’s defence, allowing white’s forces to then penetrate with deadly effect.

The third game from round 3 was nearly a case of David v Goliath with second place-getter Romie Guerra (rating 2014) up against promising junior William Ackroyd, rated some 600 rating points lower. With post-analysis-vision it might have felt like a roller-coaster, with both players having overwhelming winning positions twice, but not quite finding the winning continuations.

By move 15, black seems to be easily winning but mis-steps with Nxc6, instead of maybe exf4. William comes back very creditably and is given a chance when allowed to play Qa4+ on move 22, and again after 25. …Bd3 a few moves later…with himself now with a winning advantage… given the open lanes for his queenside pawns. However, a few moves later he mis-steps with f3 to allow black’s rook to enter the attack with material losses unavoidable.