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The new 7 pm start with coaching for juniors was a big success. All juniors attended and the coaching covered chess notation and the use of chess databases to enhance learning and enjoyment of the game.  Coaching was delivered using a projector so all students could easily view the lesson material which was delivered using chess database software. Lessons will be available to all members in pgn format.

This week was Round 7 of the John and Rose Kingston Memorial Tournament. With a crowded table and only one more round after this, there was a lot to play for. Front-runners Gordon Lyall and Alistair McGowan were paired against David Scott and Ross Jackson. Gordon methodically dispatched David after putting file pin pressure on his opponent’s king and queen which eventually resulted in an exchange of rook, bishop, knight and 1 pawn for queen and 3 pawns – materially even, but positionally lost for David. Ross v Alistair was the potential match-up of the night. However, Ross running extra late tonight, found a generous Alistair willing to waive his otherwise win on time, and play. The better news for Ross was that he went on and won. All this left Gordon in clear first, going in the final round, with Ross and Alistair a point behind, and Guy in fourth place, half a point behind, after his win over Geoffrey. Amongst the juniors Asher had a nice win over Hamish to gain another full point for the tournament. Results here.