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Play continued on the Leo Eichholtz Memorial competition, played at a 25+5 time control. Thanks to prospective new members Conor, Dylan, Luca and returning member Geoffrey, we had an excellent turnout tonight. Coupled with the beginning of a new series, this led to some very fun match-ups. Guy Burns, Alistair McGowan, Gordon Lyall and Alan Winfield all top the standings for the second series, with Alan retaining the overall lead and Gordon pulling ahead of the other contenders for second place. Three more club nights and six more games stand between these greats and final victory, with numerous other contenders still in striking distance. Among the juniors, Valera captured the lead tonight, and Hamish won his first regular competition game in the club with an impressive win over Rick. Full results here.

This play followed on from another successful ladder night, where Mark Summers retained his position at the top of the ladder. Both Lars Dobbertin-King and Gordon Lyall made significant moves up the ladder, however, and thus the current champion will have many threats in the weeks ahead. Full standings and rules here.