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In the A Grade Alan reached 11 points out of 12 with a win over Sean (By default) and after a tense battle, Gordon emerged victorious over Ross.  This places Gordon on 9.5 and Ross remaining on 8.5. (Their game is shown below).  With only two rounds left Gordon is the only player who can catch Alan albeit he needs to win both his games against (Yes you guessed it – against Alan and David Paul).  Alans other match is against Ross, so neither of the top two have easy games to finish on.  During the second series Gordon has matched Alan game for game however Alan’s stronger showing in Series 1 has given him a strong edge with needing only a draw in either game to win or share the Club Championship.

In the joint B and C Grade Tournament  Mark Summers has secured the C Grade Championship with a win (By Default) over Mark Woodwood.  Rick Lowe had a most fortunate win over Rose who unfortunately overlooked opportunities to checkmate and to win Ricks Queen to end the game.    The pressures of Chess sometimes blinds us all !!! In the other match up an evenly paced game saw Valera and Savanah agree to a draw which advanced them both a little higher on the table.  Well done both of you!!