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With absentees and some games having been played in advance, the only match up in the Club Championship was between the top two players (David & Alan) both of whom were undefeated after the 1st series. Both players expected a tough match as their previous games have been fairly close.   David playing White opened with e4 and Alan responded with the Sicilian Defence.

White took the early initiative and Black took some risk leaving his King in the centre.  Unfortunately for White, an oversight when pressing on the Queen side, allowed Black to counter with an exceptional move on the King side which ultimately led to white either losing a piece or being checkmated. Hoping for Black to commit a similar error White continued.  The final end game was a very strange sight which saw Black exchange 2 Queens for 2 Rooks and win with 2 Rooks and Bishop v Whites lone Queen.
The win puts Alan 1 point ahead of the field with 4 games left to play.

In the B/C Tourney Rick and Mark S remain at the top of the table with wins over Savanah and Rose respectively.  Mark W kept up the pressure by beating Velera.