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Both the Club Championships and the B and C Tourney have reached the half way stage with the top two players of each group facing off against each other. In the Club Championship Alan and David, (Alan on 5.5 from 6 and David on 5 from 5), played a mini 2 ½ hr marathon.  Like two undefeated boxers, both parties slugged it out but neither could find the knockout punch.  Finally, with Queens face to face in the centre of the board, neither wanting to yield ground, both kept their undefeated status, and agreed a draw–A match both players enjoyed.
Alan has now completed the first series and leads the Championship with 6 from 7 pts.  David can overtake him with a win next Tuesday.

In the B and C Grades; the top two leaders played against each other, Rick Lowe on 4 from 5 and Mark Summers the tournament leader with 5 from 5.  Having already lost to Mark, Rick needed to avoid defeat to keep in touch with the leader however he went one better and returned the favour by giving Mark his first loss.   Now with both parties sharing the lead, the B/C Tourney has become a closer race. Due to insufficient support the experiment of opening at 7.00pm was not successful and so the club with resume opening time of 7.30 pm. Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday at 7:30pm.