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After 4 rounds both the Club Championships and the B and C Tourney are starting to take shape with the front runners being Alan Winfield and Mark Summers respectively. But, it’s still early days with David Paul and Gordon Lyall having a game in hand.

With Sean Doyle away and Alan due a Bye, both he and Ross agreed to bring forward their match.  After a long tussle with neither player giving much away, Alan was a pawn ahead though Ross had excellent counter play.  With K+R+3P v K+R+4P, both players agreed to a draw.

In the B and C Tourney, Mark Summers has already established a healthy 2 point lead after only 4 rounds.  Though there is plenty of chess still to play, he is showing that he is the one to beat!!

In general news are any members interested in going to either Wellington or Upper Hutt for a one day friendly match.  Just an idea mulling in my head. If 4 or 5 (or more) are keen I will make a few calls and see if either of these are too.