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Lars Dobbertin-King v David Paul (9-12-2015)

Final round of the club championships for 2015, a dynamic win for David Paul – Lars blundering and throwing away a significant middlegame advantage. Result: 0-1.

All serious games are now finished. All competition games are now over.

Come along to the end-of-year Prize-giving—7:30 this Wednesday 16th. Bring a plate (with food), drink (alcohol is okay) and family and friends and more than welcome. Celebrate the end of year in style.

Guy Burns v Alan Winfield (2-12-2015)

Top board on 2/12/15, in the third series of the Club Championships. Alan Winfield, already certain to win the tournament, pulls out a devastating Lasker Trap variation of the Albin Countergambit. Result: 0-1.

We’ve made the split between B and C Grades. It’s only one more round of play to go. Alan Winfield easily takes out the A Grade. Sean Doyle the B Grade. But, for the C Grade—Rose Kingston and last year’s winner, Junior, Johnny Hynes—are neck and neck—the results from our last round will determine the winner—watch this space…

A clash of the Titans on board one, saw the top two chess players in Kapiti battle it out. When the smoke settled—Alan Winfield’s win over incumbent, seven times in a row, champion David Paul—confirmed Alan’s name on the champions Trophy.

With two more nights of play remaining for the Champs there still room to determine 2nd place. Sean Doyle leads the B and C Grade by a full 2 points and appears unstoppable.

Don’t forget to plan to attend our prize-giving on 16 December—bring a plate and some drink, alcohol is allowed.

Like a run-away railway wagon, Alan Winfield continues to draw ahead of the field in the Club Champs with a commanding two and half point lead over nearest contender David Paul—with only 3 more games to go the title is virtually Alan’s. Sean Doyle is now in front in the B and C Grade, half a point ahead of the late Glenys Mills.

Glenys Mills, chess stalwart and aficionado passed away Sunday 25 October 2015. Glenys was instrumental in establishing the Kapiti Chess Club in 1984, with the Club meeting in her family home in Waikanae. A strong, stubborn and passionate chess player, Glenys was a first-class player represented New Zealand at the 1990 Olympiad Tournament in Yugoslavia. Always an ardent Kapiti Chess Club supporter, Glenys played robust chess until 2 weeks ago, and currently leads the B Grade Championship. We offer our condolences to her Family, friends and fellow chess players.

Congratulations to Lars Dobbertin-King, winner of the 2015 Blitz Trophy. Lars fought a strong challenge from Guy Burns to keep his 1.5 point lead and take out the ultimate Kapiti speed-chess prize.

Our next and final phase of play—the third series of our Club Champs—starts Wednesday. Can Alan Winfield hold his lead of 2 points? Only time will tell as Kapiti’s top players battle it out.

The smoke has cleared in the 2nd series of our Club Champs and Alan Winfield leads the pack—ahead 2 points of his nearest rival David Paul. Glenys Mills leads the B & C grades, half a point of Sean Doyle.

Next, we play the final night for the Blitz Trophy, and as you can see below, Lars Dobbertin-King is in the front—can he hold the lead after the night? – only time will tell…

The penultimate round of the second series of the Club Champs was played and Alan Winfield continues to plough ahead, 2 points clear of his nearest rival, current champion David Paul. Glenys Mills is half a point ahead of Sean Doyle in the B and C grades. Our last round in this series is this Wednesday, followed by our final Blitz night.