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Round 7 of the Club Champs was played and John Whibley continues to lead the field, half a point ahead of David Paul. Johnny Hynes and Spencer Vierenes lead the Juniors. Don’t forget the Kapiti Rapid regional Tournament, which is held this Saturday—come along and help set up the hall at 8:15.

Round six of the Club Champs (Series A) was played and three players are within half a point of the lead—Guy Burns and David Paul on 4.5 points behind John Whibley on 5. Three players share the lead for the Juniors—Johnny Hynes, Spencer Viernes and Nathan Price on 2 points, closely followed by Josh Bunker on 1.5. The Kapiti Rapid regional Tournament is in 2 weeks—Saturday September 7

Round 5 of the Club Champs was played—and John Whibley is leading the event. It’s just over 2 weeks to go for our Kapiti Rapid regional tournament to be held 7 September at the Community Centre  Ngahina St. Don’t forget to book this important event into your calendars.

Round 4 was played and David Paul recovered his form with a fine win against Guy Burns. Gordon Anderson has joined the fray and it’s good to see him back at the board. KCDC’s Raumati/Paraparaumu Board met Tuesday 6 August and granted the Club $200 dollars towards new boards and clocks.

Round 3 of the Club Champs saw some fireworks with 2 spectacular results for the underdog—John Whibley played a fine game of chess to comprehensively beat current A Grade Champion David Paul and Junior Johnny Hynes demolished Senior Player Mike O’Rorke in 15 minutes of devastating chess.

Round 2 of the Club Champs were played and it’s early days in terms of results. For those who have missed a night’s play you will get 2 half points over each of the two series, this will help keep those who miss a night, a fighting chance to do well in their grade, which is A, B and C grades.

Low numbers turned up for the start of the Club Champs. Come along and join the fray as we meet for round 2.

After tonight’s Blitz play, Guy Burns and David Paul continue to share the lead on 15.5 points followed by Glenys Mills on 11 and Mike O’Rorke on 10. Spencer Viernes leads the Juniors with 9 points, ahead of Josh Bunker on 8, followed by Nathan Price of 5. 17 July we begin the Club Champs.

Congratulations to David Paul, winner of the Leo Eichholtz Trophy. Leading co-contender to this Trophy—Paul Frost—was comprehensively beaten by David in their crucial match. Paul Frost was 2nd followed by John Whibley and Guy Burns for 3rd. Congratulations to Johny Hydes for winning the Junior section of this Trophy, with Josh Bunker in 2nd place and Nathan Price 3rd. Next game for the Club will be a 5 minute Bltiz series of 6 rounds.

David Paul, leader in the Leo Eichholtz Trophy competition was away and this has left the door open for a serious challenge to his hold on this Trophy. After tonight’s play Paul Frost has put himself in contention to take the prize—it will all depend on next’s week games, particularly on the result of David and Paul’s match, as they are due to face each other over the board. Johnny Hynes leads the Juniors.