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The game of the night was between Zoe Kingston and David Paul—if David won, the John Kingston Memorial 60-60 Trophy is finally his—alone. But, the best laid plans of mice and men…..Zoe played superbly to take the game and place her name on her late father’s prize, along with David Paul and top junior Itay Ben-Dom. Alistair McGowan is a respectable runner-up. Junior runner-up is Christie Paul whose form has been strong all year. A special mention goes to Glyns Mills who has been playing extremely well over the tournament, and came very near to achieving several upset wins against higher rated players.

Next week (4 August) is round three of our 5 round Blitz (5 minute time frame) Tournament.

Kapiti Coast District Council (our landlord) has informed the Club, that, because of local-body elections—over the period 10 September to 15 October—the Club will using the Community Centre (100 meters to the West of Library) for Wednesday night games.