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The third round of the John Kingston Memorial Trophy 60-60 saw mighty Mike O’Rorke undertake another upset win — this time over, at that time, Tournament co-leader —  Zoe Kingston — in an impressive 17 moves. This places Mike into the heaving and fluid pack of six players on two points, pursuing Paul Frost on 3 points. Has Paul got the stamina and strength to carry him through the next four rounds? The next couple of weeks may determine the result.

Tim Robert’s pawn move to g6 has top rapid player John Whibley looking slightly worried and perplexed — should he take the pawn or take the free Bishop on d3 with his Knight?  Luckily for John he left the poisoned Bishop, but took g6 with his f pawn and soon went on to win the game.

Earl Roberts, a former Kapiti Champion, has donated 122 historical Kapiti Chess Club games from his large archive depository. They are available here in PGN file format.
If you are not sure how to open a PGN file, send us an email.