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Half-way stage in Kingston

This week saw Round 4 played in the Kingston Memorial. At the half-way stage, Gordon Lyall and Stewart Holdaway are neck and neck on 3.5, with Guy Burns following close behind 3, after snaffling a win against Mike O’Rorke. While Gordon had a good win over David Scott, John Eccles might consider himself a little unlucky to let a possible win slip away from him near the death against Stewart.  Latest results and standings here.

John, playing white, with less than 2 minutes left, has the move against Stewart with 59 seconds left. How should white play to win this endgame?

Meanwhile, the new Junior Club night continues to be going well with around a dozen keen juniors and parents along each week for lessons and games.


Next week, Fischer Random comes to town! The club takes a break from standard to play its first ever Fischer Random night. It should be fun. Here’s a good link to find out more about this fun variant.