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Brandon Holman v David Paul (2-7-2019)

This is the second of two games is from Round 1 of the Winter Cup played on July 2, 2019. Brandon Holman is white against David Paul. Brandon opts for a King’s Gambit.

David Comments, “Having Brandon talk about the Cunningham version of the King’s Gambit,  I decided to decline and enter into one of Mark Noble’s lines, the Falkbeer Counter Gambit. 6. Bc4.   Usual for white here is Qe2 here or Bxd7. My move 6… a6 is a waiting move seeing what white’s plan is. After 8. …Bb4.  I considered exd4 ep but did not want to give the white knight an olive branch on the f3 square.  12. …Bb5   Time to get rid of the white bishop and get my pawn back. 16. …Nxd5    Qxb7 is full of nasty surprises after Rb6. Nxd5 gets my pawn back plus position.  17. Ne2   Nc6    Finally white moves his knight, I think I will do the same. Now Qxb7 loses straight away to Rb6, with a trapped queen.  18. g5    Bd2 would have been better for white, oh well lets go for the jugular.  18 …Qa8, threatens mate in one”