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Play in the John Kingston Memorial Trophy is over. Congratulations goes out to Ross Jackson, winner of this Trophy — final results below.

ROSS JACKSON10.5110.50.54.511101159.5
ALAN WINFIELD10.511014.510101148.5
GUY BURNS0.51101 3.500.511114.58
DAVID PAUL1101104100.5100.537
GORDON LYALL10.51 0.5141100.5  2.56.5
ALISTAIR MCGOWAN1000.510.5310.50.5100.53.56.5
JOHN WHIBLEY010.5 113.501010025.5
SEAN DOYLE0.510 102.500.5   11.54
RICK LOWE0.51 0012.501001024.5
ROSE KINGSTON010.50001.500010012.5
SAVANNAH EDWARDS      010.5  102.52.5
NATALIE BOWLES000.5 011.5      01.5

Next week we play the third series of our Blitz competition.