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Round Five of Kapiti Chess Club’s Championships series saw the longest game played yet—Mike O’Rorke battled it out against David Paul for 4 hours—finishing at the stroke of midnight. Mike failed to capitalise on a strong game he played against a travelled-fatigued David, overlooking several winning chances in the last stage of the game. David keeps his unbeaten record and is running a close 2nd to Zoe Kingston.

2010 RAPID TOURNAMENT—5 September 2010

The Kapiti Rapid Tournament attracted 25 players, down from normal attendance numbers as the event was held on Father’s Day. Five players with a rating of 2000 plus were in attendance including eleventh-time New Zealand champion IM Anthony Ker and former New Zealand champ IM Russell Dive. Top New Zealand Junior Alan Ansell and local Kapiti player Johnny Hynes helped to make up the field of six in the Junior class.