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End of Prize Giving was held and David Paul scooped the field getting his name on all the major trophies. Rick Lowe won the B grade trophy and Nathan Price the C grade. Photos of the Prize Giving can be found Here. The Kapiti Chess Club is now in recess and will resume playing Wednesday 6 February 2013.

The Club Championships are over. After some hard games, including a loss to Alistair McGowan, David Paul has again won the Kapiti Chess Club Title for the fifth year in a row—he is now needs to win the Trophy for two more years to better Earl Roberts six year winning streak. Next week—5 December—we play the final round of our 5 minute Blitz series, and the following week the year is completed with our Prize Giving night.

After a marathon key game in Series B of the Club Champs, David Paul triumphed over John Whibley to clip his heals after a great winning run. This win puts David back in position to retain his name on the Cup having 3 points clear with 3 more games to go—Round Six is played this coming Wednesday 14 November.

Round Four of the second series of our Club Champs was played last night and John Whibley leads the field, like a rabbit chased by the greyhound of current champion David Paul. Four rounds to go before this Tournament is over. 

Final 4 rounds of the Freebird Trophy (15 minutes per player time frame) were played tonight and David Paul won his four games to give him—again—the Trophy. David is clear 3.5 points ahead of 2nd placed John Whibley. Johnny Hynes is the top placed Junior player.

Round 4 of our 5 round Blitz series was played and current Blitz Champion, blitzed the field with 6 wins out of 6 games, but Glenys Mills did cause him some problems with her game. Series B of our Club Champs starts next week—3 October—this will be a chance to knock David from his crown

Series A of the Club Championships finished 19 September. David Paul is ahead of the field by 2.5 points. Victor Fagundes leads the juniors by 1.5 points. Series B will start on 3 October.

Mike O’Rorke played bravely and long into the night, but could not subdue David Paul—current leader by 1.5 points ahead of Guy Burns and Todd Stewart—after round 7 of the first series of our Club Champs. Next week is round 8, the final round of the Series, which is followed by a 5 minute tournament on 26 September.

The 2012 KAPITI RAPID  was held  be held Saturday 8 September 2012 and attracted a field of 26 entries. Kapiti players dominated the event with Todd Stewart sharing 1st place in the B Grade and Victor Fagundes taking top honours in the C grade. Michael Nyberg from Wellington Club won the A grade with an impressive five and a half points from six rounds.

Full results of the Rapid are Here and photos from the Tournament are found Here.

Todd Stewart leads the field after Round three of the Club Champs. Junior Victor Faguundes is a player whose form is rapidly improving and had a fine win over Senior member Iain Liddell. Don’t to forget Saturday 8 September—it’s our Kapiti Rapid Tournament.