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First Blitz night

This week saw the first Blitz chess event of the year, and was a great success and a fun night for all. There was a strong turnout, and after some exciting, sometimes frantic games, in the super-fast time format, the event was taken out by a visitor to the Club, Neels Du Plessis. Losing only one game, Neels comfortably took top spot. His only loss was to another visitor, Jacob Wiringi, who also played some strong chess. The club’s best players were left licking their wounds. 

 Junior coaching continues to prove very popular, with all juniors attending again this week. The topic moved on to Fundamental Middlegame Combinations. What a combination is and when to look for them over the board was covered. In addition, the various types of combinational methods were highlighted and the focus was on “Pins and Skewers”. All material will be provided in pdf and pgn formats to members.

A junior chess event has been organised in collaboration with International Master Scott Wastney for Sunday April 14 at the Johnsonville Community Centre, from 1:30-4:30pm. This will give the juniors a chance to play against other students from the Wellington area in a team format. It is hoped a team of 4 juniors can represent the Club. A fee of $5 will be charged to contribute to the hire of the hall. Details will be provided to members and parents in the next few days.

Below: John v Geoffrey and Rick v Hamish battling it out on Blitz night, 2/4/2019.