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Alan Winfield continues to head off David Paul, by one point in the Freebird Trophy. 2 more nights to go then our Holy Grail of Chess Tourneys begins:  Club Champ time!

After 3 nights of the Freebird Trophy,  Alan Winfield, with 11 points, has a slight edge on David Paul (10 points). Still room for possibilities with 3 nights more play to flow under the bridge.

Strong play by David Paul propels him well in front of the Blitz competition—with one more round to go it will be hard to catch him—full results below. It was good to see Earl Roberts back at the Club after a long sabbatical of 11 years-.
Next week we start the Freebird Trophy—10 minutes plus 5 second add-on timeframe.

Play in the John Kingston Memorial Trophy is over.
Congratulations goes out to Ross Jackson, winner of this Trophy — final totals below.
Next week we play the third series of our Blitz competition.

A strong win by Ross Jackson over David Paul, propels Ross into a one point lead (with one round to go) for the John Kingston Memorial. Alan Winfield is one point behind and has a chance of tying with Ross.

Good wins by Alastair McGowan and Guy Burns have muddied the waters. With two rounds to go, Ross Jackson has 3 players within cooee of catching his lead of one point.

In an exciting finish, Ross Jackson finished Gordon Lyall to cement his lead in the John Kingston Memorial Trophy

The 2nd round of the John Kingston Memorial Trophy is well underway with Ross Jackson slowly sliding ahead.

David Paul takes out the second series of Blitz.
Next we play the John Kingston Memorial Trophy—55 minutes plus a 5 second add-on.

After 16 games of combative chess, congratulations to David Paul who wins the Leo Eichholtz Trophy.
Full detailed results here.
Next we play Blitz—3 minutes plus a 5 second add-on.