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OTB chess resumes again

With Covid Alert Levels back to 1, it was great to get back to over the board chess this week at the Kāpiti Chess Club, for the second time this year. The Club got straight into its popular rapid competition,  the Leo Eichholtz Board, played with a 25m + 5s time control.

After the first two rounds, three players, Gordon Lyall, Geoffrey Gunawan and Andy Hicks, had 2 points from the night, with a large bunch getting at least one win. Results, so far, can be found here. The competition will continue with 6 more rounds played over the next three weeks. 

KCC online meeting update

With over-the-board meetings  temporarily suspended due to Covid-19, the club has resumed its online meetings on lichess. Week three of these last night saw Gordon run out again as champion on the night, making it three from three.  Results can be found here.  Games are typically played in a Blitz 5m + 5s format, which can often lead to exciting finishes, as one or more players get low on time. Here is one such game from this week between David and Lars.

The weekly competitions, known as ‘Arenas’, run every Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 9 pm, while NZ remains in Level 2. All are welcome to participate. 

Blitz night

This week the Club indulged in some blitz fun with the first of two nights contested for the Blitz Cup. After 8 rounds of 3 minute per side action, last year’s co-winner David Paul looks well on track to retain his hold on this trophy, with an impressive 7.5 out of 8. In second equal place was Guy Burns and Brandon Holman on 6. See results here.

Special mention to junior member Valera (pictured above), who was very unlucky not to come away with a great upset win over David in Round 5, with a single misstep in the endgame that would have otherwise seen his pawn queen and win. Nevertheless, a good effort ending up as first placed junior with 3 wins from 6 rounds played.

Next week sees the first night of the Leo Eichholtz Trophy. Two rounds of 25 m + 5 s games.

Final round of Winter Cup

A great turnout, some great match-ups, and with no clear winner yet decided, it promised to be an exciting final round of the KCC Winter Cup. 

It could have been either of the David’s, and in the end it was both. David Paul found new member Pavlo equal to the challenge. After securing a small material advantage from a close game, he was forced to accept a perpetual check draw. Meanwhile, David Scott was eventually outplayed by top seed Ross, after being a pawn up after the opening. This left both David’s on 5 out of 7 and joint winners of the Cup for 2020. After trading his queen for two rooks, Geoffrey held on against a tenacious Guy to win their game, and take top junior placing, and third equal overall with Ross  Jackson.  Some other good games saw Brandon beat Mike, and John Whibley beat Gordon. Other new comers John Eccles, Chris and Rhys also winning their games.  See results here.

With  improvements in a number of members, and with the introduction of some strong new members, there is now a much larger pool of players who are competing more closely against each other. This has made for an enjoyable and interesting seven weeks of Winter Cup competition, and also bodes well for future Club competitions. 

Next week is Blitz night, and some crazy fun!

Round 6 Winter Cup

This week saw an exciting penultimate round to the Club’s Winter Cup.  This saw the potential pool of players who could  win the competition reduce from nine down to two.  After six rounds, David Scott leads on 5 points, half a point ahead of David Paul on 4.5, followed by a group of four on 3.5 points, but who are now out of contention.  David S will need at least a draw against top seed Ross next week to keep a share of the prize, while a win for David P could see him win outright. It promises to be an exciting finale next week! Congratulations also to our newest members Pavlo and John who have been  acquitting themselves very well against some of the more  seasoned members. Full results from this week can be found here

Round 5 Winter Cup

This week, round 5 of the Kapiti Chess Club 2020 Winter Cup, saw another good turn out, and some great match ups and results. 

David Paul ended David Scott’s recent run of results, outplaying him in the endgame after a tight contest up to then. Guy Burns beat Ross Jackson, and Geoffrey Gunawan beat John Whibley, while the Club’s newest member,  Pavlo Chudinov got his second win of the tournament to join what is now  a large pack of potentially 9 players who could win the Cup with two more rounds to go. Full results and standings can be found here. Stay tuned!

Round 4 Winter Cup

It was great to see so many players along this week, with a two-year attendance high for the club making for some exciting match-ups as the Winter Cup moved into Round 4.

David Scott was lucky after grabbing a poisoned pawn that should have cost him a piece, ended up being the hole his own pawn eventually could push through for the win. He now leads, 4 from 4. A chasing bunch of 6 players are all sitting second equal on 2.5, and with 3 rounds to go, nothing is yet certain. Full results can be found here.

This position shown arose in one of the games this week, that between Mike O’Rorke (playing white) v Geoffrey Gunawan. Black has just grabbed what looks like a free knight on a3, but this is a losing move. Black gets away with a draw 7 moves later but how should he be punished? The full game can be found here

A second game from this week, Brandon Holman v David Paul can also be found here.

Mid-winter competition heats up

The Club welcomed no less than four new faces this week as competition heated up at the mid way stage of the Winter Cup. David Scott held off in a typically tight battle against John Whibley, and now leads the competition outright after three rounds, ahead of Guy Burns half a point behind. The game of the night was between top seed Ross Jackson and last year’s winner David Paul, which went late into the evening. Any chances of a win looked only to be with David, but tight and accurate defense eventually saw the players agreeing a draw. Newcomers Chris and Pavlo also fared well, both coming away with a win on their first outing. Full results can be found here.

David and Ross battle late into the evening – Round 3 of the Winter Cup.

Round 2 Winter Cup

This week the battle for the Winter Cup moved into its second week. Unlike last week, all games this week went to the stronger rated player. On top board, improving Geoffrey Gunawan fought hard against David Scott to repeat his upset win last week, but David prevailed in the end, to go 2 from 2, and take the outright lead going into the next round.  You can see their game here.  Guy Burns, Liam Parkes and John Whibley all currently share second, albeit all, for the moment, with the help of byes. Full results can be here, and more photos can be found here.

Below: Geoffrey and Mark in action against the two David’s, with Brandon in the background.

Round one Winter Cup

The 2020 Winter Cup got underway this week. This long format tournament was first run last year, and provides a fresh change to the 10 minute rapid online Club battles of recent lockdown months. Round one Swiss tournaments often predictably go to the stronger top half players, but not this week, with two top players, and almost a third, upset. After Round 1, Geoffrey Gunawan, David Scott, John Whibley, Mike O’Rorke, and newcomer John Eccles all came away with a win, and Liam Parkes also joins them with the bye. Full results can be found here.