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Round 2 Winter Cup

This week the battle for the Winter Cup moved into its second week. Unlike last week, all games this week went to the stronger rated player. On top board, improving Geoffrey Gunawan fought hard against David Scott to repeat his upset win last week, but David prevailed in the end, to go 2 from 2, and take the outright lead going into the next round.  You can see their game here.  Guy Burns, Liam Parkes and John Whibley all currently share second, albeit all, for the moment, with the help of byes. Full results can be here, and more photos can be found here.

Below: Geoffrey and Mark in action against the two David’s, with Brandon in the background.

Round one Winter Cup

The 2020 Winter Cup got underway this week. This long format tournament was first run last year, and provides a fresh change to the 10 minute rapid online Club battles of recent lockdown months. Round one Swiss tournaments often predictably go to the stronger top half players, but not this week, with two top players, and almost a third, upset. After Round 1, Geoffrey Gunawan, David Scott, John Whibley, Mike O’Rorke, and newcomer John Eccles all came away with a win, and Liam Parkes also joins them with the bye. Full results can be found here.

Over the board chess starts again

It was great to meet  face to face again this week as the club resumed its over the board meetings after three months of COVID-induced lockdown. Members eased back into it with a relaxed night of casual chess. A revised calendar of events for the rest of the year has been  posted, with competition starting again next week with the Winter Cup.  

The Club met online over a dozen times during lockdown, attracting members, past and present, as well as visitors and out-of-towners, and there looks to be interest in continuing to hold online meetings from time to time, in addition to physical meetings on Tuesdays. Online the club meets here, so keep a eye out for upcoming online events.

The Club has definitely moved into the swing of online meetings. Weekly rapid and junior blitz arenas have proved popular, and the convenience of this format during lockdown has also seen a second weekly meeting set up on Friday nights. Last night’s comp saw 11 players battle out some 26 games and  1,356 moves, with Ross Jackson coming out on top at the end of the 90 minute arena. Results can be seen here.

The second week of the new online club meeting format looks to be working very well. Nine members joined in the fun, first with juniors battling out 30 minutes of 3+2 games in the Junior Blitz Arena, before joining others in the main Kāpiti Chess Club Arena for an hour of 5+2 games.  An action-filled night saw some nearly 30 games played, and lots of online chat (a noticeably different feature of this new format compared with normal over-the-board meetings). Congrats to Mark Summers who took out the Junior Blitz Arena, and to Ross Jackson, unbeaten in the Main Arena. Results can be seen here.

Kāpiti Chess Club Online

With the current unprecedented times, the Club has set itself up to meet online. The club is set up on lichess.org and can be found here. The new forum is open to Kāpiti Chess Club members and all chess enthusiasts within the Kāpiti-Horowhenua District.

The first online chess night was trialled this week, and after some initial hiccups, it went very well. Around half a dozen players battled out a flurry of blitz games, with lots of fun and chat. Congratulations to Geoffrey (aka ‘FreeNexus’) the winner on the night. Results of the night can be seen here.

This coming week (31 March), we will look to run a KCC Junior Blitz (3+2) for Juniors, from 7-7.30 pm, and another KCC All Blitz (5+3) from 7.30 pm for one hour, with casual games after that.

Club nights suspended due to Covid-19 pandemic

The Kāpiti Chess Club Committee has decided to cancel the next two club nights due to the Coronavirus.

The Government has taken unprecedented measures to protect all New Zealander’s from the Covid-19 and we fully support their efforts to restrict the spread of the virus. We therefore believe that it is in the best interest of the members, and our community, to suspend the chess club for at least two weeks.

The next scheduled club night will be 31st March, however, we will review the situation prior to this date and provide further updates via our website.

Second round of the Kingston Memorial tournament this week, and unlike last week, not all results went the way of the stronger player. One of our youngest players, Lucas Thompson grabbed a good win against the more experienced Rick Lowe, while Geoffrey Gunawan secured a draw against much higher-rated David Paul, and David Scott was able to get a point from Ross Jackson, albeit on time. After two rounds then, Gordon Lyall and David Scott lead on 2 points, but with six rounds left, there’s plenty of action yet to come. Full results so far, here. More photos here.

2020 KCC AGM

The Club held its Annual General Meeting this week, including the election of Committee members as follows:  Gordon Lyall  (President),  Guy Burns (Vice-President), David Paul (Club Captain), David Scott (Secretary), Brandon Holman (Treasurer), Ross Jackson and Geoffrey Gunawan (Committee Members). Mark Summers was re-elected as Junior Captain. John Whibley was made a Life Member in recognition of his 30 year association with the Club. A range of other items were discussed, including  fees, finances, a constitution refresh, the calendar of events, regional tournaments, and marketing and promotion. Full reports from the meeting can be found here.

Freebird week two

This week saw the second and final night of the Club’s fun annual  Freebird tournament, with four more rounds of  10 m + 5 s games. After 8 rounds, David Paul emerged victorious with 6.5 from 8, with David Scott second on 6. Top juniors were Geoffrey Guanawan on 5.5, and Mark Summers on 3.5. Congratulations! An Honourable Mention goes to new player to the club, Anthony Baker, scoring a creditable 4 from 8 on debut. Click here for full results.

Next week is AGM night, followed by casual chess as time permits. See you then.